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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Where Amare's Dunk On Tolliver Never Gets Old

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The boys at have even - already! -come up with this wallpaper to commemorate Amare's devastating dunk on poor Anthony Tolliver. Tolliver had a nice game overall, and in fact might turn into a decent NBA player but after last night he's forever going to be known as, "That dude Amare dunkstroyed"

Here's how to get the wallpaper: SUNS: Wanted: Suns Artwork

Even Coach Gentry got in on the excitement with this tweet

Twitter / Alvin Gentry: wow! Did you see Amare's d ...
wow! Did you see Amare's dunk? Best one of the season in the NBA. If not, you have to tell me which dunk tops that one!!!!!!!

Amare Dunk Links That Have The Internets Buzzing
  • How Do We Describe Amare's Dunk? - SB Nation
    It was a beautiful, inscrutable, incomputable, disreputable, indefensible, incomprehensible display. George Bush and Katrina, no regard for human life. Flying in the face of gravity, decency, and most of all, Anthony Tolliver.
  • Amare Stoudemire Eviscerates Anthony Tolliver - Eric Freeman - The Baseline - Sporting News
    With all due respect to Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire is the best dunking big man of all time. The explosiveness and sheer force of his jams is unrivaled among tall players. Last night, he had perhaps his finest moment in a long history of dunking with this full-on embarrassment of Anthony Tolliver. This is what you're known for now, Anthony. Good luck getting a new reputation.
  • Amare posterizes Tolliver | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
    It was’s "Dunk of the Night" and the number two play on their Top Ten plays of the night (somehow a halfcourt shot by Terrence Williams of the Nets beat it out, because, you know, that was a big play in New Jersey’s 63rd loss of the year?)
  • Video: Anthony Tolliver isn't an Amar'e Stoudemire fan anymore - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
    First of all, sorry about your face. It got dunked on pretty hard and I know that it can't be feeling too great at this point. It'll get better though. Ice helps, as does ibuprofen. Just lay low until this passes and you'll be fine.
  • Behind the Box Score, where the Bucks and Hawks duked it out - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
    You've already seen the dunk, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Stoudemire was nearly unstoppable down low, going over either shoulder and taking it to the Warriors time and time again down the stretch. 37 and eight rebounds for Amar'e, who is averaging over 30 points and 10 boards over his last 11 games.
  • SLAM ONLINE | " The Post Up: Bucks Ballin
    but he was on the wrong end of that Amare dunk. I don’t even want to call it a dunk. It was just, yes. Wow. I love the announcers reaction. I love Amare’s reaction. Perhaps, most of all, I love the look on JRich’s face.
  • blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Best Amar'e dunk ever?
    "When J-Rich tossed me the ball, my first thought was 'I hope he jumps,' " Stoudemire said. As one Suns locker room observer said of Tolliver, "What, they don't get cable in the D-League?"
  • Twitter / Marc J. Spears: dunk of the year! amare de ...
    dunk of the year! amare destroys tolliver
  • Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 131 vs Phoenix Suns 133 - Hunter sore left ankle, A close tight match - Golden State Of Mind
    Anthony Tolliver On playing for Coach Don Nelson: "Coach has showed tremendous confidence in my game, and putting the ball in my hands, running the point sometimes…kind of weird. But at the same time, I know I’m a mismatch a lot of the times, especially when we go small and I’m at the five so I use that to my advantage, using my quickness and trying to get to the basket on these bigger guys and try and help my team out." On playing against All-Star competition: "I’m learning that these guys are hard to stop. They’re All-Stars for a reason, unless you have a team effort against guys like these it’s pretty tough to stop them. We did a decent job at times tonight as a team against him (Amar’e Stoudemire) and trying to contain (Steve) Nash at the same time, but we had some lapses and that’s when he had his points. Hopefully we can learn from that and go from there."
  • Suns 133, Warriors 131 -- The old way to win| Valley of the Suns
    The run started on a fast break when Amare absolutely blew up Anthony Tolliver on a dunk a la what STAT did to the Kandi Man a number of years back. The dunk was so vicious that Tolliver is already on posters around the Valley, and it’s a shame that on a night he went for 25 points, 12 boards, five assists, three steals and two blocks all anybody will remember Tolliver for tonight will be the posterization. That And 1 started a 7-0 Amare run in which he put the Suns on his back and carried them to victory, franchise-player style. While the Suns stiffened up on defense, Stoudemire would not let the Suns lose on the offensive end, blitzing the Warriors in all out "F You" mode.

Non-dunk links

  • Back-to-backs: the myth vs. the numbers... - Denver Stiffs
    According to Chris, of the 228 blowout games played in the NBA through mid-March (blowouts are defined as 10-points or higher margin of victory), 46% - almost half - were played with one team being on the second of a B2B. And of the 377 B2B games played, 27.9% of them were blowouts compared to just 12.8% of non-B2B games ending in blowouts.
  • Mike D'Antoni hates neither rookies nor defense. - Posting and Toasting
    I tend to be pretty agnostic when it comes to the topic of Mike D'Antoni. I'd like to see him manage a team consisting of more than youngsters and inherited lame ducks before I judge his Knick legacy. That perception, it seems, is pretty widespread. Independent of roster quality, though, D'Antoni still draws ire for much of his decision-making.

and because it never gets old...


and another view....


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