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March 27th Western Conference Playoff Race Update

The Jazz lost and the Suns won, besides that not much was great since the Lakers and Cavs refused to do their jobs.  It is however worth noting that the Suns magic number is down to 2...playoffs here we come.

Wednesday March 24th Western Conference Results:

Indiana Pacers 122 Utah Jazz 106 (Recap) - For all the absolutely awful things I yelled at Danny Granger when his Pacers invaded US Airways Center, I've lately had to take some of it back.  After a Sunday defeat of the Thunder I promised the Twitter world that I'd take back 15% of the bad things I said about Granger, well after he scored 44 to lead Indiana past the Jazz I owe him another 15%.  Congrats Danny Granger....I only stand by 70% of the awful things I've said about you.  

Denver Nuggets 97 Toronto Raptors 96 (Recap) - Toronto was up 9 heading into the 4th quarter and it was looking more and more like Denver was going to be sent to their 4th consecutive loss - then the Raptors remembered how bad they are.  Chauncey Billups hit a game-tying three with 33 seconds left and after Chris Bosh hit just 1 of 2 free throws Carmelo Anthony hit a game-winning jumper from the elbow.  Good win for the Nuggets, bad win for the Suns.  

Oklahoma City Thunder 91 Los Angeles Lakers 75 (Recap) -Seriously Lakers?  Seriously?  It's not like we as Suns fans ask a whole lot of you.  You're first in the West, we just needed a tiny bit of help from you to beat a team that is hot on our back side - and you give us this.  Kobe Bryant scored just 11 for LAL and his team was barely in the game - putting up just 47 points in the first three quarters.  Kevin Durant scored 26 for OKC.

San Antonio Spurs 102 Cleveland Cavaliers 97 (Recap) - Seriously Part Deux.  You'd think with the teams in the 6th and 7th spot facing off against the two best teams in the NBA it would be a great opportunity to gain games - wrong says those two best teams in the NBA.  Manu Ginobili put up 15 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Spurs past the Cavs and put himself further into a position off despise in my heart.

Phoenix Suns 132 New York Knicks 96 (Recap) - Wil covered this one in depth here so I'll just leave you with this - the Knicks are terrible and the Suns did their job.  That's 6 straight for the Suns.  

Western Conference Standings:

1.  LA Lakers 53 19 .736 - 7-3 LOST1
2.  Denver 48 25 .658 5.5 6-4 WON 1
3. Dallas 47 25 .653 6 6-4 LOST 1
4.  Utah 47 26 .644 6.5 6-4 LOST 1
5.  SUNS 46 26 .639 7 8-2 WON 6
6.  Oklahoma City 44 27 .620 8.5 7-3 WON 2
7.  San Antonio 43 28 .606 9.5 7-3 WON 1
8.  Portland 43 29 .597 10 8-2 WON 1
-  Memphis 38 34 .528 15 6-4 LOST 1
 - Houston 36 35 .507 16.5 5-5 LOST 3

Saturday March 27th Western Conference Games:

Jazz @ Wizards- As much as I'd love the Jazz to drop another one, the Wizards are that special kind of awful that lets you know they are a lock to lose.  Back to back or not, I'll be shocked if Utah loses.

Blazers @ Hornets -New Orleans may be dead in the West playoff race but with Chris Paul back in the fold they should at least pose some sort of obstacle for Portland.

Lakers @ Rockets - Coming off a loss last night the Oklahoma City and playing the reeling Rockets, I'd have to say I like the Lakers chances here.  This might be one of the last times the Rockets appear on this update.

Mavericks @ Warriors - Another one where it seems relatively unlikely that the Suns will get help.  Golden State did manage to beat the Mavs in November but unless you're the Nets, Kings, or T-Wolves it's difficult to lose to the Warriors twice.

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