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The Slovenian Sun part II

In yesterday's poll we established the majority of Suns fans feel that he who I cannot name's ceiling is that of a fringe All-Star type player (like Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson). Now the question becomes how good do you think he will be?

While similar this is a very different question than the one from yesterday. Just because someone has the potential to be great doesn't mean that he will necessarily live up to that potential. Vince Carter could've been right there with Kobe Bryant battling for the league's alpha dog status throughout their careers. Unfortunately, Carter lacked the drive that Kobe has and never even came close to living up to his potential.

So Suns fans, where do you see he who I cannot name actually ending up as a player when all is said and done? Granted this, like yesterday's poll, is just guesswork at this point and ultimately we'll have to wait and see...but in the meantime, this provides for some fun (yet sometimes overly serious) discussion.

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