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Western Conference Playoff Report: March 31

The Western competition wasn't in full swing but the Suns did their job.  We're in the playoffs baby and it feels so good.

Tuesday March 31st Western Conference Results:

Oklahoma City Thunder 111 Philadelphia 76ers 93 (Recap) - Kevin Durant went for 26/10 as Oklahoma City predictably blew the doors off the awful 76ers.  If you're surprised by this result you're probably easily surprised.  After seeing the Sixers play the Suns in preseason I commented on my old blog that they were genuinely  unimpressive...even for preseason.  A commenter (we had like 3) informed me that the Sixers would actually win more games than the Suns.  What was the point of this story?  Well I just wanted to use this larger forum to let that guy know that he was wrong and he can suck it.  That is all.  

Phoenix Suns 111 Chicago Bulls 105 (Recap) -  This is a game the Suns could have lost.  Hell I probably wouldn't even have been that upset.  But they won anyway - and that's got to make everyone feel good.  Wil put it better here.  

Western Conference Standings:


1.  LA Lakers 54 20 .730 - 8-2 LOST 1
2.  Dallas 49 25 .662 5
6-4 WON 2
3.  Utah
49 26 .653 5.5 7-3 WON 2
4.  SUNS 48 26 .649 6 9-1 WON 8
5.  Denver 48 27 .640 6.5 4-6 LOST 2
6.  Oklahoma City
45 28 .616 8.5 6-4 WON 1
7.  Portland 45 29 .608 9 8-2 WON 3
8.  San Antonio
44 29 .603 9.5
6-4 LOST 1
-  Memphis 38 35 .521 15.5 6-4 LOST 2

Wednesday March 31st Western Conference Games of Significance:

Thunder @ Celtics - I've got my eye on this one more than the others.  Boston looked like hell in getting bashed by the Spurs so hopefully they'll come into this one a bit motivated.  As for OKC they played last night.  Young legs or not I like Boston here.

Suns @ Nets -OK got your 10th win, you're not going to be tied with the '72-73 Sixers.  So just go quietly.  K guys?  Thx.

Mavericks @ Grizzlies -Might as well call this one "Memphis' last stand."  The only hope I have for Dallas losing this game is that the Grizz want to fend off playoff elimination for another day.

Rockets @ Spurs -The Rockets are still scrappy....right?  I'm not sure if Manu Ginobili is playing in this one after missing Monday's tilt with the Nets but I'd assume he'll be there.

Knicks @ Blazers - Mike D's boys are playing out the string while the Blazers are fighting to stay out of 8th.  Fortunately this is the last game in which the Knicks will have a hand in the WC playoff chase.

Warriors @ Jazz -  Someone tell Anthony Tolliver that if they can pull the upset here that all Suns fans will stop bringing up the Throwdown in Oaktown.  We won't even link it anymore.

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