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Game Preview: Suns vs Jazz

You can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting another "meaningful" "statement" game. And that dull, squishy thud you just heard was the deceased pussy striking the Utah Jazz right in the grill.

The Suns are two games back from the Jazz in the loss column and will be fighting with those salty-boyz down the stretch for final playoff positioning. We have three-games left against them and the results of this series will certainly be meaningful on April 15th (and no, I am not implying there are tax implications).

We are already in the hole 0-1 thanks to this blown-lead game on the 25th of January. The game was also notable in that it was the night of Goran's career-high 32 points. Ironically enough, Goran might not be available tonight thanks to a garbage time ankle roll in last night's WIN over the Clippers.

Stats That Make You Go - Yeah, whatever

  • Over their last ten games the Suns are 8-2 with an ORtg of 112.8 and a DRtg of 102.95. The Jazz are 6-4 (including a loss Monday to a very good Clippers team). They have an ORtg of 105.8 and a DRtg or 102.3 during that stretch
  • The Jazz are ranked 22nd in OReb and 12th in DReb while the Suns are 14th and 10th. And that's for the entire season. We all know how dominatrixing the Suns have been on the boards more recently
  • The Jazz are 25th in the league in 3PM, Suns are 3rd.
  • Suns are 20th in turnovers and Jazz are 23rd
  • Jazz are 6th in steals and Suns are 29th

Impressed yet?

The key to the Jazz is dealing with their physical style of defense: they will not let you make a cut without body checking you (and by you, I mean the Suns, not you...or me) and keeping your head on a swivel on offense.

The Jazz offense - when they are playing well - really is a thing of beauty if you appreciate team basketball. They are first in the league in assists for a reason: they pass the ball to each other.

If the Golden State Warriors are the Kings of isolation, the Jazz are the Queens of team ball.

Mix in Deron Williams, who looks across the ball at Steve Nash trying to defend him and has a mini-orgasm, and that can spell trouble. It's going to take good team rotations and continued solid play from Robin to win this one. There's no reason that Amare can't continue his killer pace (except for Paul Millsap, who is pretty good) and Nash should be well rested and ready to shoot the ball well.

If Goran doesn't play, that's going to put extra pressure on Grant and Dudley to pick up the slack. The rotations will be off (if they've ever really been on) so Hill can run the second unit.

Bottom line, if Amare and JRich continue to play like they've been playing (defense and rebounding) then this is a winnable game. But if not...well, that dead cat might just bounce back and smack the purple and orange gang in the nose.

Now, you all leave me alone. I am going to take my pre-game nap. This one starts late which means I should be home around 2am.

  • Check out SLC Dunk...nice people up there. Everyone in Utah is least to your face and then they stab you in the back with green jello mold!

and check this out from our old 'stache friend..

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