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Charles Barkley's Comments on the Suns Spot On

The Chuckster has riled up Suns fans for awhile now with his criticism of his former team. Last night on TNT he changed his tune a bit:

Barkley on why he has stopped criticizing the Phoenix Suns lately: "I criticized that little sissy ball (the Suns have) been playing for the last few years where you just try to outscore people. That's never going to work. I want to take my hat off to Alvin Gentry, he's changed their mindset. He brought in (Robin) Lopez and I love watching Lopez, he's just plays defense and rebounds.

If I'm going to look at a stat after every game for a good team, it's turnovers and rebounds. The Suns turn the ball over way too much and they don't rebound the ball. They went to a conventional lineup so Amar'e can cheat a little on rebounding. Lopez does a great job on the board.  When you try to play small, you give up a lot of shots and a lot of shots around the basket. But the main thing you can't do is you can't rebound the ball.

I take my hat off to Alvin, it's about time he stopped playing girlie ball. The toughest team in Phoenix was the (WNBA's) Mercury, but not anymore!"

I totally agree with Chuck and for you long-time readers you know I am not a fan of the small ball, offense-only approach. The Suns are playing (or trying to play) better defense and the insertion of Robin into the line-up has made a huge impact on the boards as we've documented.

Here's a few other quotes from the TNT crew.

They send me an email with these by the way. Don't think I am sitting up at 3am transcribing from my Tivo...

Collins on Suns guard Steve Nash's off court conditioning: "Steve really prides himself on his conditioning, no one works harder off the court on his conditioning. The core strength of his back, he has a condition in his back that he had to be very careful if he gets a little bit out of synch, he gets muscle pain and pain his hips. These Suns doctors and strength and conditioning coaches have done a wonderful job with him. If you could just go and see the things he does off the court with this strength and his balance and that's a really big part of his game."


Webber on how to shut down the Phoenix Suns: "As great as Steve Nash is, if he doesn't get you the ball, these guys aren't one-on-one players.  When teams recognize that, they can shut them down late in the game."

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