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Game Thread: Suns vs Pacers

Final - 3.6.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Indiana Pacers 28 29 29 19 105
Phoenix Suns 29 34 30 20 113

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Coaches Notes:

  • Light crowd tonight in the media. Guess the Pacers aren't a big draw
  • On the white board in the locker room it said, "Must Win". Asked Gentry about that he blew it off just saying that every game is a "Must Win"
  • Goran isn't playing. Suns thought about activating LB but decided that he wouldn't play anyway so neither backup PG is active.
  • As was the case Wednesday, Hill and then Dudley will play backup PG. Clark will probably get minutes again as well to help with the rotation
  • Gentry fully expects the Pacers to go small again with Granger at the PF since that was the lineup that did so well against the Suns last time
  • That leaves Amare trying to chase Granger around which isn't a good look
  • Asked by Craig Grialou of KTAR if the Suns even had enough guys to practice this coming week, Gentry pointed over at Thunder Dan. Suns will be off Sunday and then practice Mon,Tue and Thur this week
  • LB was once again on the court taking shots. He even stayed a little longer and shot some free throws. Then he signed about 50 autographs before heading in


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