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Phoenix Suns Practice Rapport: Barbosa Getting Better, Frye Awaiting Decision

Leandro Barbosa had his first practice since wrist surgery. He wasn't blue.
Leandro Barbosa had his first practice since wrist surgery. He wasn't blue.


The Suns had the first of three practices in their long off week. The plan seems to be focused on improving general things like "offense" and "defense" without working too hard. The practices today and tomorrow will be light with a harder run on Thursday in preparation for the Lakers on Friday.

Nash, Richardson and Dragic were held out while Barbosa went. Jason is nursing a minor back issue and of course Nash is trying to put Humpty-Dumpty together again.

As for Leandro, I've seen him shooting before games twice now (Thursday and Saturday) and he stayed late shooting after practice today. He was making a lot more of his shots than he was before the surgery and looked a lot more comfortable to me.

Coach said that his shot was inconsistent in practice but that's to be expected.

Leandro put it this way as only he can, "It's better. Even the pain that I have right now, it's totally different than the one that I used to have. So I'm very happy about that. I think the pain that I'm having right now is just because of the surgery. There's still a little bit swelling which is normal. I think I have a new hand so I am very appreciate about that."

He's hungry to get back and help the team however he can.

Channing spoke with league security and told his side of the story which still includes him not throwing a punch, "No way. I looked at it and I can understand how maybe it looked like that. That wasn't even in my mindset. I think if you look at me I'm just standing there the whole time. I didn't even look at Danny Granger or Hibbert after they came after me.

"I took boxing for a couple of summers so I know how to hit somebody if I want to hit somebody so it wasn't anything like that. It wasn't that type of situation like we're going to square up and go at it. I know Danny Granger since I was a rookie."

Frye does however seem resigned to whatever fate the league sends down on his head, "I have no clue. It's up to them and whatever happens I'm OK with. I have no argument. I've said what I have to say and they're going to do what they have to do."

The team is expecting a decision later today. Coach Gentry when asked about it would only say this, "Go figure. That's their deal they going to make a ruling and we'll abide by what they decide."

He's not one to spend his money by saying the wrong thing to the media so I will just go ahead and assume that he won't be happy if Channing does miss a game.


Other Notes:

  • Gentry got a kick out of his team being called "dirty" and joked about being the "Bad Boys of the West"
  • Steve was at practice and did a little warm ups and light shooting but mostly was just in for treatment
  • Grant was there because he's always going to be out there. When asked if Gentry tried to hold him out...
  • "I've coached him for over half of his career and the guy's not going to sit out of practice. He's not going to do it...He feels good about the way he feels in his body so we let him decide on his own."
  • Gentry talked about Matt Barnes going at Kobe. He said "Matt's a competitor. He's not going to back down from anyone."
  • Gentry said that Kobe appreciates people that will dig in and compete against him
  • Coach wouldn't buy into any advantage for the Suns with Parker out six weeks with a broken hand. He said San Antonio's played a lot without Tony Parker and George Hill is playing great basketball
  • He did say that with the way Dallas is playing maybe they make a run at the Lakers but that whatever happens in the West is going to go through LA
  • LB was asked if he would play on Friday. He said, "I don't know about Friday. We'll see what happens." But the team is expecting he will be ready
  • He said his arm is weak from not using it and not being able to lift weights and that it gets tired from shooting and dribbling but that's normal
  • Leandro has been working with left hand a lot and is, "Very, very happy with left."


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