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Phoenix Suns Practice Rapport: Suspended Reality

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The Suns will miss Channing Frye's inside dominance while he serves his one-game suspension. (Photo by Max Simbron)
The Suns will miss Channing Frye's inside dominance while he serves his one-game suspension. (Photo by Max Simbron)

Not much in the way of action today at practice beyond the league's ruling on Channing Frye. The team continues to refine rotations and offensive sets in preparation for the stretch run.

Grant and Jason were "limited," which is more about just resting those vets, while Leandro went at it and looked fine. He drained two threes from the top of the arc to end practice.

Goran was riding the bike, but sat out again. I asked him if he was good and he nodded and winked at me which I took to mean "yes". He was walking with no limp and should be totally fine for Friday.

Steve Nash said this about his time off so far, "Just rehab basically. Retrain my muscles to move in proper sequence and order. That's basically what I've been struggling with."

Whatever that means.

He said that this is the same thing that's happened over the last few years of his career during the course of the season. Nash said there's nothing he would do differently this season as far as minutes, but he also made it clear that he's paying the price for trying to carry too much of the load at times,

"There was a lot of time this season where we had guys injured or maybe guys just weren't playing great and our team was slumping and you put your head through a wall to try and get out of it and sometime you pay for it a little bit, I think.

"Our team's in a good place right now. I think our team's playing at such a higher level that I don't have to do as much anymore, which is a great thing. If I can get back to full strength and just be capable, I think we will be in a lot better place."

Nash was asked about Amare's improvement this season and he was sure to give STAT credit for having a better understanding for the game. Nash said Amare was putting up max contract type numbers but when asked if he would give Amare that kind of deal he said this, "I don't know. If I'm a Mark Cuban type, maybe."


Coach Gentry said that without Frye, the Suns will use Amundson more off the bench and might have Amare and Robin play extended minutes. Doesn't sound like Jarron Collins will be part of the plan.

As for the post-suspension comments, you can watch the video from below. About what you'd expect them to say.

Here's some BIG news...Robin Lopez has agreed to come on for a Live Chat!

We are targeting either the 17th or 19th of next week for that. It would be around noon time. Stay tuned for details and start thinking up questions.

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