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Steve Nash Opens Up Full Service Man Salon for Those Less Fortunate

The Phoenix Suns Steve Nash has been known for his philanthropic efforts throughout his 13-year NBA career. He has been outspoken about America's recent millitary conflicts and he has donated a significant amount of time, money, and effort into helping those in need.

In 2001 Nash formed the Steve Nash Foundation. The purpose of the organization was to foster health in kids by funding projects that provide services to children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, or neglect, and create opportunity for education, play, and empowerment.

It focuses its resources on communities in Phoenix, Arizona, and British Columbia, Canada. 

In 2006, Nash also opened his wallet for a new pediatric cardiology ward in a Paraguayan Hospital.

Well today, on a day off, Nash stopped in the Big Apple and scheduled a press conference to announce his newest Philanthropic endeavor:  A new man salon based in Vancouver, B.C. focused solely on hair removal for those less fortunate in the community. Said Nash in his normal subdued, humbled manner:

"I'm overjoyed to share with you all today a new addition to the Steve Nash Foundation: "Stevie's Style and Wax Vancouver." Our vision is to provide hair removal services for those males in this community who desire a sleak, hairless look but don't have the financial means to consistently wax and or obtain laser hair removal." 

Nash, known for his diet of unprocessed foods, fresh fruit and vegetables (The Steve Nash Diet) provided an education for the throngs of media attending his press conference which ended with him taking off his shirt to show off a freshly waxed torso for the first time in recent memory:

"Obviously I think you have to take care of your body on the inside, but few people realize that waxing and laser hair removal compliments a healthy lifestyle. Before laser hair removal I was struggling with multiple injuries, my back, abdominal strain, and a cold. But I recently stopped in at GiGi's European Wax before this road trip and you all can see the results. I owned the Nets last night. Outrebounded STAT and everything. I feel great, sleek, quicker, and my jumper's starting to fall again."

The puzzled New York media peppered Nash with questions before finally urging him to strip down to a speedo. Said Nash: "Steve's is a full service salon, a guy can drop in and get a mani/pedi, bikini wax, and to top it off, an hour massage followed by a Brazillian tan in one of our 16 state-of-the-art tanning booths. It's really top of the line stuff in there. I spared no expense. I'm overly concerned about the masses who need to trim down their body hair but simply can't because they're out of work or are faced with the challenge of either feeding their children or waxing. Men shouldn't have to make that kind of decision. It really chokes me up..." Nash had to step back from the podium to gather himself before continuing.

Asked if "Stevie's Style and Wax Vancouver" was to be the only salon in Nash's current business model, Nash responded while chuckling: "Oh no. We're cornerning the market. We hope to expand into the West Coast market: Seattle, Portland, LA, of course Scottsdale. Stevie's is going to take the world by storm. Our goal is to incorporate the latest hair removal technology with the friendliest male staff in the industry. I've got no qualms about burying our competitors like I was burying threes last night."

Nash exited the press conference suddenly, standing up, turning his back to the media, thus offering a tanned, hairless and recently buffed and waxed buttocks which stunned and mystified all those in the room. Among those in attendance were two Suns teammates, Amare Stoudemire and Jared Dudley. Said Amare:

"Listen, Steve's a business man, he's gotta feel for business like me. You gotta take care of your body, especially this late in the season. Eat right, get your rest, and a full body waxing helps me out. People talk about how I got yanked in the 4th of that Dallas game. Well I was sore, man. Had an ingrown hair on my butt. You know how hard it is to box out with an ingrown hair on your ass?" Stoudemire had a lunch date with Jay-Z, but before he left, offered this: "Look, fighting it out down low is tough. Y'all don't see it, but guys like to grab you, throw elbows, and grab your back hair sometimes. That sh*t hurts, see what I'm sayin'? When you all waxed up, they got nothin to grab. It's all about getting every advantage you can get come playoff time."

Jared Dudley had similar sentiments:

"Yo, Steve's got it together. I wished when I was growing up in San Diego I could have waxed more. But my family couldn't afford it. Laser removal would've been great, too. I can't tell you how many threes I missed back then 'cause a my underarm hair. You gotta be sleak and smoothe out there on the court. You need every advantage you can get. I just chartered a flight up to Stevie's to get right before the playoffs start."

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