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Game Thread: Suns vs Rockets

Final - 4.11.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Houston Rockets 36 21 28 21 106
Phoenix Suns 33 29 25 29 116

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The Dream Shake

Coaches Notes:

  • Robin will be re-evaluated on Monday (but you already knew that if you've been reading this site religiously and if not, shame on you)
  • The Rockets since the trade are a faster, more open court game. Gentry stressed the need to get back in transition after both makes and misses and to "wall in" Aaron Brooks
  • Gentry was asked about Rick Adelman. He said the you could argue for Rick being in the Hall of Fame if for no other reason than his ability to coach Ron Artest. Twice.
  • Coach said again the the Thunder game was an aberration since the Suns played good defense but struggled on the offensive end which isn't the norm
  • With more time, Gentry implied that he might experiment more with the line-ups without Robin but for now Jarron will continue to start. They like his toughness and have been playing well with him...or so Gentry thinks/says
  • It's been tough on LB seeing his minutes reduced and he's understandably frustrated but Gentry pointed out that it's been impossible for him to take minutes from JRich or Goran to give to Leandro

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