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Western Conference Playoff Report: April 12th

There are only three days left in the season but we've still basically decided nothing.  The 3-5 spots and 6-8 spots are AGAIN dead-even when it comes to records.  The big surprise of the day was that OKC somehow managed to lose in Oakland against Steph Curry and his fightin' D-Leaguers. 

Due to the OKC loss, with just 2 games left in the season, the Suns can finish no worse than the 5 seed in the Western Conference.

Sunday April 11th Western Conference Results

Portland Trail Blazers 91 Los Angeles Lakers 88 (Recap) - The Lakers ran Kobe Bryant out onto the floor after his 2 game rest but it still didn't matter in a home loss to the Blazers.  Portland and LAL traded ridiculously stupid fouls in the final few seconds before the Lakers got the "last laugh" by fouling Martell Webster on a three with 3.1 seconds left.   Webster hit all 3 and Pau Gasol missed a game tying trey.  The big story for Portland was the loss of Brandon Roy to a knee injury.  Per Jason Quick, it is a bone bruise and he'll miss tomorrow's game against OKC - no word on him moving forward.  

Golden State Warriors 120 Oklahoma City Thunder 117 (Recap) -  Wait...what?  How?  I didn't watch this game as I was at US Airways watching the local Phoenix squad so I'll go off what I'm reading off of a summary.  Basically the Thunder had a 17 point lead in the first and despite Kevin Durant's 40 points they blew that lead and lost to Golden State.  This is a bad, bad loss for a team hoping not to get the Lakers in the first round.  

Phoenix Suns 116 Houston Rockets 106 (Recap) - The Suns blew a 14 point 3rd quarter lead but hit a flurry of three pointers beginning with 3:06 left in the 4th to seal the win.  Seth covered it closer than my series of screams and yells from Section 108.  Short version:  Amar'e is awesome.  

Western Conference Standings

1.  LA Lakers 56 24 .700 - 4-6 LOST 1
2.  Dallas 53 27 .663 3
7-3 WON 3
3.  Denver 52 28 .650 4 5-5 LOST 1
4.  Utah 52 28 .650 4 7-3 WON 1
5.  SUNS 52 28 .650 4 8-2 WON 1
6. Portland
49 31 .613 7 7-3 WON 1
7. San Antonio
49 31 .613 7 7-3 WON 1
8. Oklahoma City
49 31 .613 7
6-4 LOST 1

Monday April 12th Western Conference Games of Significance

Thunder @ Trail Blazers - Game of the night in the West by far.  While neither of these teams can catch the Suns, it will go a long way towards deciding the bottom 3 seeds.  Both teams played last night but Portland is going to be without Brandon Roy.  I'll take the Thunder.

Timberwolves @ Spurs - On my old blog we used to call these types of games "TCB" games.  It means "take care of business" - and I'm certain the Spurs will do so.  

Grizzlies @ Nuggets - Memphis pulled off a win in San Antonio last week so maybe they can rise up and take out Denver?  Probably not....but I can root for it to happen.

Mavericks @ Clippers - See above comment concerning T'Wolves @ Spurs.


[Note by Seth Pollack, 04/12/10 8:17 AM MST ]

BSotS new member Cinsana88 created this cool spreadsheet with all the possible outcomes for seedings:

Here's the explanation from him:

I did all the possible winning scenarios for Dal, Den, Utah and Phx.  I accounted for the fact that Den and Utah play Phx so with that I had 54 combination's that could happen between the 4 teams. I followed the tie-breaking format too.  Here are the results:

8% Suns get the 2 seed

16% they get the 3 seed

35% they get the 4 seed

41% they get the 5 seed

if they win both of their games they are a lock for the 3 seed and need Dal to lose its two games to get the 2 seed.

if they split their games then they have a 85% chance to get the 4 seed.

if they lose both its no higher then a 5th seed.

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