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Game Thread: Suns vs Nuggets

Final - 4.13.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Denver Nuggets 26 23 21 31 101
Phoenix Suns 38 32 27 26 123

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Coaches Notes:

  • Coach Gentry called Kenyon Martin one of the smartest players in the NBA and called him a glue guy who's under rated. Interesting...
  • On the white board behind Gentry's desk there's normally a lot of notes, plays, match-ups and other game stuff. Today is only said, "Just Win"
  • Gentry once again the most important thing for the Suns is not to turn the ball over
  • Gentry said his Coach of the Year is Nate McMillian with a nod to Scottie Brooks. He said he was honored to even have his name mentioned by some people in that category
  • Gentry (and I totally agree) thinks the Blazers are still a scary team b/c of the way they play
  • He thinks the Lakers have been bored with the regular season and will turn it on but teams don't fear them like they used to
  • Gentry called the Suns a solid but not great team but thinks they can beat anyone (he kinda had to say that)
  • Once again, Gentry mentioned chemistry

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