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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Lots and Lots of Predictions

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A quick link dump to keep you ravage beasts occupied until I can go through about 20 different practice interviews from both teams and put together some kind of coherent report.....or not. - Podcast: NBA Playoffs Preview - Round 1
NBA Playoff Preview Podcast with Bryan Gibberman from Sports 620 KTAR and Seth Pollack from In part 1 the guys preview Round 1 of the Western Conference, concentrating on the Suns-Blazers series. In part 2 the guys preview round 1 of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

(3) Phoenix vs. (6) Portland | Blog Archive | Nothing Easy | Blogs |
All of that being said, it’s going to be fun to watch the point guard battle between veterans Steve Nash and Andre Miller. This one really comes down to Amar’e. If he continues to dominate –remember that dunk against poor Anthony Tolliver?– the series will go to the Suns with ease. Even if he doesn’t, barring a total Phoenix disaster, the Suns will still come out on top. Prediction: Suns in five.

Yes, it’s Playoff basketball again! Suns vs Blazers next | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
The Suns return to the Playoffs, Sunday night (7.30 on TNT) after taking the 2008/09 post season off (Thanks to that wonderful Shaq trade, never forget) after

NBA Playoffs: (3) Phoenix Suns vs. (6) Portland Trailblazers – Any Camel Chiropractors in the House? | Hardwood Paroxysm
But do you know what this series really is? It’s an extension of the divine will that seeks to crush the Blazers. Supernatural forces of some kind — basketball gods, voodoo magic, David Bowie in the Labyrinth — have tripped the Blazers every step of the way, and this series is really no different. It’s not enough that Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla were Tonya Hardinged by ghosts with crowbars, that a hex was cast on Portland’s wings, or that someone out there has a sick sense of humor and a Brandon Roy voodoo doll. On top of all of that, the Blazers drew one of the hottest teams in the league that happens to be their stylistic counter. This is a real series with a healthy Roy, but remove Brandon from the lineup (and shift Portland’s wings up the depth chart accordingly) and you’re looking at a team that doesn’t have much of a chance to keep up with the Suns on offense. The Blazers are an efficient offensive club, but just how efficiently can their meticulous, half-court look be without Roy to facilitate?

Playoffs preview: How the Roy-less Blazers will beat the Suns " Portland Trailblazers
Nine out of ten NBA experts on picked the Phoenix Suns to beat the Portland Trail Blazers in their first round matchup. All four Yahoo NBA experts picked the Suns as well. How can the Blazers prove them wrong? It’s simple, really.

10 questions entering Phoenix Suns vs. Portland Trail Blazers NBA playoff series
10 questions entering Phoenix Suns vs. Portland Trail Blazers NBA playoff series, Young: We took time to ask and answer questions about the 1st-round playoff series. {snl} Click here for slideshow view of this story

Everything... Literally Everything... Blazers/Suns - Blazersedge
A collection of news, opinion and analysis regarding the first round playoff series between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix Suns have a tough foe in Portland Trail Blazers' pick-and-roll defense
The Suns might be the best pick-and-roll offense in the NBA but Portland counters with a top pick-and-roll defense.

2010-11 Cap Higher Than Expected, Union Will Reportedly Investigate Collusion - Eric Freeman - The Baseline - Sporting News
This has not made the players' union happy, and union source told Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski that they will investigate the possibility of collusion on the part of the owners and league.

The Official Phoenix Suns Blog " Blog Archive " Downtown’s New Night-Light Turns Cityscape Orange For Playoffs
This is cool...I have no idea where this light is coming from but it sounds neato

Grant Hill and the Suns Seem Extremely Confident Heading into the Playoffs | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
I guess it’s a good thing that the Suns didn’t pull the trigger on trading Amar’e Stoudemire at the trade deadline huh?  Since February 18th, the day of the NBA trade deadline, the Suns have been playing as good as or better than any team in the NBA and look like a legitimate threat to [...]

Andrei Kirilenko Out for At Least the Entire First Round - Eric Freeman - The Baseline - Sporting News
Unfortunately for Utah (and anyone who likes to watch exciting basketball), AK47's having some more trouble with the calf. And it looks like he's going to be out for at least the whole first round, as tweeted by David Locke of Salt Lake City's KFAN (via ProBasketballTalk): A Kirilenko is out at least two weeks. Strained calf for third time in workout yesterday. New spot same calf This is no good. Kirilenko was going to be the primary defender on Carmelo Anthony. Without him, the Jazz will need to give Paul Millsap major minutes, who, while extremely productive, is not the same defensive presence. This series just became a showcase for Melo, and I'm sure he'll relish the chance to dominate it.

NBA Playoffs, Kevin Harlan Interview | Hardwood Paroxysm
Absolutely. I think he might be the MVP of the league since the All-Star break. He’s doing all the things that he’s been criticized for not doing, like rebounding, and defending, and getting back at both ends. I think a lot of it is that he’s back in shape. You know, after that eye injury, it was months and months for him to recover with limited activity. It was s pretty significant period of downtime, and that takes some time to recover from.

2010 NBA Playoff Preview: 1st Round Predictions and Bets - Golden State Of Mind
I won't be betting this series, but I seriously wonder if Portland can't shock the world against Phoenix. This line reflects the loss of Roy, a hugely important player, no doubt. But Portland already has played without him this season, and played well. They have some incredibly talented wing players in Webster and Batum to step into the breach. Will JRich be able to get anything done against Batum?

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