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Open Game Thread: Suns vs Blazers



Bully Ball art provided by Witchita Sun

Suns vs Blazers art provided by john5cole

Coaches Notes:

Nate McMillian

  • It's an exciting time. Playing against the best
  • Controlling tempo is about taking care of the ball and being disciplined
    Camby is sore (ankle) but is ready to go
  • Can't expect Rudy to be Brandon. Not the time to experiment
  • Phx likes to pack it in and dare us to shoot. We have to know down shots to open up the lanes or they will just pack it in more

Alvin Gentry

  • Amare is doing better now not picking up early, cheap fouls. Playing smarter
  • Keys are to push in transition and move the ball on switches
  • They kicked our ass without Roy. Only time we beat them was with Roy in the lineup
  • Can't control their pace. If they use the full clock we need to defend and rebound and not get frustrated if the game isn't open court
  • We've been playing playoff basketball for the past 5 or so games. This is no different than those games against SA, Utah, Houston, Denver
  • We'll play hard and compete and from there whatever happens we will live with
  • Got to manage turnovers and stay close on the board

Other Observations:

In the Blazers locker room they taped up pictures of various Blazers players making plays. Very inspirational. I guess.

In the Suns locker room the TV was on the most recent Blazer game against the Thunder. The Blazers were watching their last match up with the Suns

Andre Miller was still in street clothes. I guess he doesn't like to change too soon

Travis Deiner was the first guy on the court and last off for warm ups. He seemed very happy to be there - didn't stop smiling the entire time

Patty Mills is short

Ok, that's it. Have fun!

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