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Jared Dudley, Phoenix Suns Pound Detroit Pistons 109-94

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50 Wins. 10 in a row.

Raise your hand if you thought the Suns would win 50 this season. My hand is planted firmly on the keyboard. As the season began, the Suns were a team chosen to be a non factor in the Western Conference by the so-called experts. The so-called experts didn't count on Steve Nash staying healthy and being as valuable as he was in his two straight MVP seasons. They didn't count on the emergence of Robin Lopez or the stability of the Suns bench. And no one, no one predicted Amare Stoudemire could elevate his game the way he has. Hell, most of us (and them) thought he'd end the season wearing another squad's jersey. So much for predictions.

Tonight the Phoenix Suns toyed around with the Detroit Pistons like a cat swatting around a wounded bird. This game was rather boring with the exception of Jared Dudley. The Junkyard Dog is a fan favorite for many reasons but tonight his three point stroke was as smooth as an infant's rear.

The difference in this game occurred in the second quarter when the Suns' second unit entered the game and went on a 13-1 run stretching a modest 3 point lead into a 15 point spread. A Grant Hill 3 briefly put the Suns up 16, but the Pistons went on a 15-4 run and closed out the second down only 6, 56-50.

In the 3rd quarter, Jason Richardson dropped 12 points and the Suns drained 6 3-pointers to go back up 12 points. Jared Dudley did his damage in the 4th with 3 from behind the arc and the Suns closed out Detroit easily.

The Suns have won 10 straight and are 4-0 on this East Coast trip. Pending the outcome of the Jazz/Lakers game, the Suns could end the night as the #2 seed in the West. Wow. Can't believe I just said that-and it's true.


  • Grant Hill 17/6/8. His 3 (three) 3-pointers were a career high.
  • MAX 29/6 (13-15 FG) (3-8 FT)
  • Lou 8/6
  • Channing 8/5 and 3 blocked shots
  • Dudz. Period. 12 out of his last 14 from the field. His 20 points tonight was a career high as were his 6 three point makes.
  • The SUNS. 15-28 from 3-Pt Range
  • The Suns are 30-16 vs. the Western Conference. That record is second in the conference (Lakers 33-13)


Jason Richardson (On his bad back):

"I've been fighting through, I couldn't do much. It definitely kills me. I couldn't believe it was acting up the way it did. It was the worst it's been."

Grant Hill:

"The last four or five games might be fool's gold. We haven't played our best ball. I don't know if it's overlooking the opponent or missing Robin (Lopez) but we need to tighten up as we get into these last games because these teams are very capable and we need to keep winning."

Jared Dudley:

"A lot of wide-open shots out there...Amar'e, because he's playing at such a high level, frees up everyone. Steve (Nash) finds you. They have to make a decision."


Paul Coro-Suns Top Pistons for 10th win in a row-The Suns extended their league-best winning streak to 10 games by riding Stoudemire's 13-for-15 shooting and Jared Dudley's career-high 20 points for a 109-94 victory Friday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

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Next Up, Milwaukee Bucks, Saturday , 5 P.M. AZ Time.

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