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Open Game Thread: Suns vs Blazers Game 2


Let's get this party started, people!

Next Game

Portland Trail Blazers
@ Phoenix Suns

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2010, 8:00 PM MDT
US Airways Center

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[Note by Seth Pollack, 04/20/10 6:19 PM MST ]

Coaches Notes


  • Have to maintain sense of urgency. They will be aggressive and push the ball and attack. Our defense starts with transition and on the offensive end
  • One game at a time. Its a new game. We need to win 4 (he went deep into the cliche bag)
  • Will continue to mix up defensive looks
  • Rudy needs to knock down his opportunities (in other words, don't expect Blzrs to feature him more)
  • Can't get caught up in run and gun game


  • We're not going to score 120 on this team
  • Can't over analyze Game 1. We just need to play better. Hit our shots and defend better. Its not complicated
  • Need to do better defending high screen and roll with Miller and Bayless
  • Offense got stagnant. We talked to Steve about attacking and creating. Can't pound the ball
  • Robin Lopez is not going to walk through that door

Gentry uses a Mac laptop in case you were curious

Alvin was pretty peeved that a national NBA media guy (who's name rhymes with Ron Marry) was spouting off about how Nash can't defend Miller and how the Suns need to switch it up and play Richardson on Miller. Of course, anyone that watched the game knows that Nash wasn't on Miller so Gentry went off about it...

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