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Bet Made, Beards On The Line

Instead of the classic bet between playoff cities where mayors trade some item of local cuisine, the boys at Blazers Edge and the Bright Side Crew have (finally after intense negotiations) settled on a bet appropriate for the magnitude of a round 1 playoff series. Zztop_medium

We will not be putting Prickly Pear Salsa on the line against Portland's finest...hamburgers? bean curd? Just what is Portland known for anyway?

Whatever, what's at stake for the winner of this series is much more serious. The losing blog has to not only support the winner with their coverage and hearty man love but will also grow (or continue to grow) playoff beards for the length of the winners' playoff run.

Since the Suns are going all the way, baby! that means Ben and Dave should look like ZZ Top by June.

According to the terms of the agreement, pictures of beards will be posted on a regular basis.

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