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Game Preview: Suns at Blazers (The Game 6 That Feels Like 7)

<strong>UNTITLED</strong> (Artistic Brilliance Credited to Max Simbron)
UNTITLED (Artistic Brilliance Credited to Max Simbron)

im·pose [im-pohz] 

a. to thrust oneself offensively upon others; intrude.
b. to take unfair advantage of

(definition courtesy of, the best on the interwebs)

Tonight the Phoenix Suns face the Portland Trailblazers in the 6th game of their first round war with of the Western Conference Playoff series in Portland. Regardless of the outcome of tonight's game, the Suns will be returning home to the desert after the game. The only question is whether the Suns will be sipping Cristal or swigging Ten High.

The Portland Trail Blazers will be fighting tonight like a wounded rat cornered by a ravenous feline. Their fans will be understandably raucous, insane, maniacal. But none of that matters.The Phoenix Suns are in control of their own destiny:

Dictate. Control. Manipulate.

Impose their will upon the Blazers tonight and return home victorious. Then:

Relax. Watch the Spurs and Mavs battle it out.


The thought of this game fills me with excitement and anxiety but also an odd comfort that derives from another game 6 you may remember (Reggie Miller's appearance could not be avoided):

Great Playoff Moments: Barkley's Game-Winner (via devean3)

Of course things are much different in 2010. The Suns don't have the components that the '93 team had. Their playoff ride will most likely end without a finals appearance. I suppose that is why this series has taken on such monumental importance to us fans. The other reason is that the Phoenix Suns have continually surprised us all this year. Falling to the Portland Trail Blazers in this series would be a disappointing underachievement.

The sacred word around the Suns camp these days has been urgency. Alvin Gentry does not want to face a game 7. Watching the Coyotes succumb to the Red Wings has had a profound affect on the Suns coach:

"A couple bad breaks here and there and before you know it, you're playing from behind. We have to go up there with the understanding that this is just like a seventh game. We just need to play at the level we've been playing at in the games we've been in desperate situations."

Therein lies the rub. Play this like it's game 7. Match the Blazers desperation and emotional intensity. The rest is gravy.

The game thread will be posted early. I demand heavy attendance. Buy your Pepto early, stock your fridge, tell your loved ones to leave you the #$%&* alone for 3 hours, lock your doors, buy the ticket, take the ride.

If this bare bones preview has failed to jack you up, I offer this masterpiece to clinch the deal (works for me before my D-league flag football games)...Warning to all-there is necessary profanity in this little ditty:

Metallica - Ain't My Bitch (Stuttgart 97) (via Pastoralian)


For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.

-Hunter S. Thompson


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