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NBA Playoff Nightcap: May 10th Edition

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day.  That actually made me we have a decent contingent of women reading this site?  I'm quite curious.  If you're lurking around and thinking, hey I'm a woman and I read this site -- come on in and comment, even if you're not anyone's mother.  

In other news...THE SUNS SWEPT THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS.  For real and for true.  If you woke up this morning and somehow thought you dreamt the whole thing then I'm here to tell you that you didn't.  There was all sorts of blood coming out of Steve Nash's eye and then he couldn't see out of it and then George Hill completed a four point play, but it was cool and we still won.  It was super awesome.

Sunday May 9th Playoff Results:

Phoenix Suns 107 San Antonio Spurs 101 (Recap)To continue from above.  THE SUNS SWEPT THE SPURS.  Although Phoenix got off to another slow start (their third straight) -- trailing by as many as nine late in the first quarter -- they hung around and used their superior bench to grab a 3-point halftime lead.  The Suns began to impose their will on the Spurs in the third quarter, taking an 11-point lead with 6:18 left in the period.  Yet an 11-0 Spurs run tied the game and right smack dab in the middle of the run, Spurs forward Tim Duncan landed an accidental elbow above the right eye of Nash that started it gushing like some sort of geyser that also gushes (I should have gone to journalism school).  Fortunately for the Suns, they were able to steady in the third and cling to a one-point lead going into the final quarter.  It was in the final quarter that One Eyed Willy returned and stole the show.  Nash scored 10 of his 20 in the fourth quarter where he "couldn't see a thing" and led the Suns to the sweep.  From a points perspective, Amar'e Stoudemire finally got off a bit in this series, leading all scorers with 29 while Jared Dudley added an impressive 16 off the bench on 3/3 shooting from beyond the arc.  Tony Parker led the Spurs with 22, although it appeared his sore shoulder wouldn't have permitted him to hit a jump shot if his life depended on it.  With the win, the Suns head to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2006.  As for the Spurs, I would imagine the sweep stings a bit...maybe like a slap (for all you How I Met Your Mother fans):


Boston Celtics 97 Cleveland Cavaliers 87 (Recap): This is basically the only competitive second round series so it may be what holds the NBA together during what will otherwise amount to an off-week.  After the Celtics were obliterated by the Cavs in what I called the "ours is bigger than yours" Game 3 -- it seemed Cleveland was ready to assert themselves and take control of the series.  Rajon Rondo was having none of that.  The one-time Suns draft pick posted a ridiculous triple double -- finishing with 29 points, 18 rebounds, and 13 assists -- to help Boston even their series.  The Celtics got 18 each from Kevin Garnett/Ray Allen and then a very surprising 15 points off the bench from Tony Allen.  Cleveland was led by -- you guessed it -- LeBron James with 22 points.  A statistic that jumps off the page in this game is the three point shooting for both clubs.  When you immediately look down, you think that the Cavs may have lost due to their inability to hit the trey where they went just 4/21 (19%), but Boston was EVEN WORSE, hitting just 1 of their 14 attempts.  Anytime two teams can get together and shoot less than 15% from three on 35 attempts, you know you saw something special.  Game 5 will be back in Cleveland on Tuesday night.  This is news to me since I wasn't aware you were allowed to play 5 games in the second round.

Conference Semifinals Series Standings:

(1) Lakers v. (5) Jazz: 3-0 Lakers

(3) Suns v. (7) Spurs:  4-0 Suns win series

(1) Cavaliers v. (4) Celtics:  2-2 tie

(2) Magic v. (3) Hawks: 3-0 Magic

Monday May 10th Playoff Game:

Game 4 - Magic @ Hawks: I'm going to put exactly as much effort into this blurb as the Hawks have into the series.  

Game 4 - Lakers @ Jazz: The Lakers will look to finish off the Jazz and join the Suns for what seems to be an inevitable Western Conference Finals matchup.  Invasion of the Laker fans might be starting tomorrow night.  Ugh.  

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