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Phoenix Suns Victory Lap Links

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I am without words. Certainly, I have no words that haven't already been spoken again and again.

To SWEEP the Spurs and win games by going ugly ... This team is incredible and they just keep getting better. The perimeter defense. The effort. The clutch shooting. The chemistry.

Past Suns teams were run and fun, free-wheeling high octane. This team finds joy in hard work, discipline, execution and ultimately winning no matter what the circumstance. Incredible.

The Suns not only were the more talented team, the deeper team, the smarter team, but they were the more resilient and tougher team, as well. In my mind, there's no higher compliment to the coaching staff, front office and team leaders.

You have to do more than "want to win". You have to deliver through adversity and the Suns did that in this series and the Spurs did not. That more than anything is the biggest role reversal from years past.

Let the celebration begin! ... but not too much because the job isn't over. The Mission is NOT Accomplished. The Lakers are waiting and the underdogs will have to rise up one more time to get over that monster hump.

2010 NBA Playoffs: NBA Conference Finals and NBA Finals schedule - ESPN
Game 1 of the WCF won't start until Sunday, May 16th at the soonest. Could be as late as Wednesday, May 18th.

Victory Links

  • blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - These amazing Suns
    Don't be so amazed. How could you not expect a team that has played .800 ball (36-9) since Jan. 26 to play in such elite fashion? How could you not expect this to be in the cards when the Suns drew a first-round opponent missing their star and got an unexpected home-court advantage in the second round? Be amazed at this, though. The Suns won two games in San Antonio with 19-point first quarters. They only scored 20 or fewer in the first quarter four times all season and lost each one.
  • Next up: How Suns are now the model
    The Spurs will make a few changes this summer. But the core will likely be back. If that seems illogical, since Ginobili and his guys were swept, then consider what the Suns just did. Out of the playoffs a year ago — and nearly split apart at the trade deadline — they found the right mix at the right time and stunned the franchise that always stunned them. The Spurs could learn from that.
  • Revenge at last: Phoenix Suns sweep the San Antonio Spurs after a decade of playoff torture| Valley of the Suns
    Instead this was a night that many Suns fans thought would never come, a night that provides a healthy dose of revenge for all the Spurs have done to the Suns this decade. Enjoy it Phoenix, you’re witnessing a special basketball team.
  • SUNS: Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Spurs Round 2, Game 4
    This is a great feeling. This has been unbelievable this season and is an unbelievable group of players. We don’t want this to end. We want to keep playing and win all we can. This was a fun series. We need to continue to stay focused and play hard. A lot of people doubted us in October and a lot of people doubted us in this series. I’m sure the next series will start with the same doubt and with that being said we need continue to come together as a team and play hard. Winning in San Antonio is very special for us. - Amare Stoudemire
  • Talk Hoops - Support the Habit
    Suns-Spurs Recap
  • All the News Fit to Six: May 10, 2010
    Suns + Clockwork Orange = All the News Fit to Six
  • Behind the Box Score, where the Suns are moving on | Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
    For now, the Suns are the best team on their particular side of the continent. And as good as team has been during Steve Nash's second go-round in Arizona, we've never been able to say that, this late in a season, about the Suns. Not since 1993. Let's see what they do with this. For now, at least, you have to be quite smitten with these Suns.
  • Phoenix Suns Sweep the San Antonio Spurs | 48 Minutes of Hell
    Unfortunately for the Spurs, they lost their way this season. And the Phoenix Suns found it.
  • San Antonio Spurs weren't as good as the Phoenix Suns | 48 Minutes of Hell
    Much like we thought the Spurs were peaking at the right time, so has Phoenix. And after their four game sweep of the Spurs is done and dusted, it seems the Suns are peaking just a little bit more.
  • Season Over: Call me Ishmael | Pounding The Rock
    Time to wrap up the season. It was fun.
  • Phoenix Suns complete sweep of San Antonio Spurs to reach West finals
    The man with one good eye and two MVPs had died five playoff deaths in Dallas and Phoenix at the Spurs' hands but slew the beast this time with a 10-point, five-assist fourth quarter
  • Phoenix Suns find fortune, validation in stunning sweep of San Antonio Spurs
    At long last, good fortune has rained down on the Suns. Nearly dismantled at the trade deadline, they are growing stronger with each victory and have already exceeded all expectations. The Lakers may well be next but, please, forget about Kobe for a minute. Take some time to savor this.
  • Phoenix Suns, others appear to be reversing curses
    Come to think of it, isn't Jared Dudley sort of like Bruce Bowen, only without a kick in the gonads?
  • Seeing Suns in Western Finals must be bittersweet for D'Antoni
    The Suns did what they never could under D'Antoni: beat the San Antonio Spurs. Not only did they win the series, they pulled off a shocking four-game sweep. Does it mean that D'Antoni's success in Phoenix is tainted? Absolutely not. D'Antoni averaged 58 wins over his last four seasons with the Suns. Does it mean Gentry is the better coach? Not really since he is using D'Antoni's offensive system and the team still centers around Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire. But there is no denying that Gentry has done a better job developing and utilizing his entire bench and the Suns do now place an emphasis on defense. Plus, Gentry's now taken the Suns as far as D'Antoni took them despite having a less talented roster. Sure, the Spurs are older but so too is Nash.
  • Daily Dime - ESPN
    "The way they're playing," Duncan said, "they have a chance against anyone."
  • NBA Playoffs, Suns v. Spurs: Pace may have been the red herring | ProBasketballTalk - Basketball - NBC Sports
    Offensive rebounding, defensive rotations, and depth have all played a substantial role in this series, but the impact of the Suns' execution in their half-court offense cannot be overstated. Phoenix has outperformed a formidable opponent, and the San Antonio defense that looked so strong against Dallas in the first round now appears to be a step to slow to answer all of the Suns' offensive threats.
  • Nash, Amar'e see playoff success eye to eye | NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    Amar’e Stoudemire(notes) announced he wanted to address the team. Stoudemire talked about the Suns’ past struggles against the Spurs. He implored his teammates to play hard, to never let up. He said they needed to stay sharp, and then, for emphasis, Stoudemire prattled off a list of mistakes his teammates had made in past games, including a blown dunk by Jason Richardson(notes) from the Suns’ only loss to the Spurs this season. Stoudemire never singled himself out for blame, and by the end of his impassioned speech many of the Suns were rolling their eyes. Nearly all of them were thinking the same thing: What was that?

  • Suns' old injuries not nearly as painful after Game 4 win
    Lying on the training table getting six quickie stitches under his right eyebrow and feeling his eye swell shut, a thought crept into Steve Nash's head. "You've got to be [blanking] kidding me."

You tell 'em, Jared! (Photo by Max Simbron)

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