Hi, I'm not Roger Mason

Greetings fellow Suns fans, I'm sure you are all a giddy bunch of monkeys like I am after this past weekend. I wanted to take this opportunity to give myself a proper introduction.

My name is Rollin (pronounced RAW-lin) Mason. I was born in Phoenix, and I have been a Suns fan since I was 8 years old, when I got my Suns pennant signed by Dan Majerle, Jeff Hornacek and Tim Perry, back when you could actually approach the court during the pregame warmups. Ironically, that same Suns pennant was sent to Philadelphia as part of the Charles Barkley trade. I guess it was worth it.

Fan Confession: I literally cried after the '93 finals. Come to think of it, I cried when we went down 2-0 to start the series, but I snuck away and no one saw me, so that doesn't count.

I have run out of clever responses for when someone confuses me for a Spursfan due to my screen name, so I thought I'd make it clear that it is just a coincidence. It gets weirder than that, though. I have a half-brother named Tom Duncan, my 7th grade science teacher was named Gary Popovich, and I dated a girl named Beverly Bowen when I was 21. Also, I once had to pull over in San Antonio during a trip to take a leak at an Arby's, and wound up using the urinal side-by-side with The Admiral himself. Yes I peeked, and it's huge.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to future run-ins with you all.