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NBA Playoff Nightcap: May 14th Edition

After a one day hiatus, the Nightcap is back ... and more something than ever.  Happy Friday, commenters!  For those of you who have jobs, that means something after a long week of reading Bright Side between pretending to work on spreadsheets in your cubicle.  For those of you without jobs...get a job.  Remember that time I picked the Lakers to win the series on that podcast in which it sounded kind of like I had a lisp?  Those were some good times.  Remember that other time where you all forgave me and were like "Dude, Scott it's totally cool, you're way awesome and we should be BFF"?  Well, that was just downright understanding and awesome of you guys.  

With Boston's surprising elimination of Cleveland -- the team with home court advantage throughout the NBA playoffs -- the conference finals are set.  Boston will be in Orlando on Sunday while I hear the Suns will be in Los Angeles to play the defending champion Lakers on Monday night.  Final 4 time, baby!

Thursday May 13th Playoff Results:

Boston Celtics 94 Cleveland Cavaliers 85 (Recap): LeBron James has become quite the polarizing figure in the last few weeks.  This season he won his second consecutive MVP, led the Cavs to the NBA's best record, and looked to be in position to win his first NBA title.  Yet in the wake of the Cavs third consecutive loss of the series, Boston is moving on and the Cavs and LeBron are headed into a franchise defining summer a month earlier than expected.  Kevin Garnett (22/12) and Rajon Rondo (21 points and 12 assists) led the charge for the Celtics and helped hold Cleveland to just 38% shooting from the field.  The Celtics seem to be playing their best basketball of the season at just the right time and you have to think they stand a legitimate chance to take down Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Whether they will is a matter all its own. 

Although James didn't have a tremendous shooting night (8/21) he still posted his sixth triple double of the playoffs.  Mo Williams added 22 for Cleveland, but one of the true disappointments for the Cavs has to be the performance of Antawn Jamison.  The guy the Cavs (depending on who you believe) opted to trade for instead of Amar'e Stoudemire scored just 5 points on 2/10 shooting and averaged only 11.8 for the series.  Alright, enough of that.  Go ahead and hate on LeBron in the comments ... but I won't be doing it. I'll just note that the Suns have now gone further than Shaquille O'Neal in the playoffs.  (Is it possible we've seen the last of Shaq in the NBA?  Who signs the guy next year?)



Conference Semifinals Series Standings:

(1) Lakers v. (5) Jazz: 4-0 Lakers win series

(3) Suns v. (7) Spurs:  4-0 Suns win series

(1) Cavaliers v. (4) Celtics 4-2 Celtics win series

(2) Magic v. (3) Hawks: 4-0 Magic win series

Friday May 14th Playoff Game:

We're off until Sunday when Celtics/Magic get it going.  So spend some time with your family the next couple nights.  Or go grab a beer with your buddies.  Basically just relax.  Oh and visit BSotS at least 40 times a day.

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