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Phoenix Suns Practice Report: Kobe Wants Revenge? Ha!

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This grainy photo purports to be Robin Lopez on the practice court but it could just be Big Foot. Not sure.
This grainy photo purports to be Robin Lopez on the practice court but it could just be Big Foot. Not sure.

It cracks me up to no end that Kobe thinks he needs to trump up some revenge thing to fire himself and his teammates up for a series with the Suns. Does he really think his team that started Smush Parker and Kwame Brown should have won?

Check that -- he probably does, but still...It's a contrived motivational ploy if I ever saw one and Alvin Gentry agrees.

"I don't think he really means that. Let me see, since that time they won a championship and played for a championship. I don't think the Phoenix Suns knocking him out of the playoffs is a real motivational factor for him. Maybe he should be talking about Boston for beating him that year and he can go back and get them this year.  I don't know if we are on his radar right now. We shouldn't be on his radar if we are."

Speaking of Kobe, Gentry was asked "how you stop Kobe" to which he responded with a chuckle, "We're not worried about Kobe Bryant." ha ha...But seriously, he said the key was to try and keep him off the foul line and try and make him an outside shooter and hope he's missing. Nothing new there.

Jarron Collins and Robin Lopez Update

There were exactly zero questions asked about Jarron's health status (not sure why), but he was on the floor shooting and didn't seem to have any issues with his hand/wrist injury. His shot looked normal to me (and that's all I am going to say about that).

Robin is improving daily by all accounts and ran some with the first team and some with the second, but Gentry said we shouldn't read anything into that. Lopez' self-described role is to "crash the boards and deter easy lay-ups".

"I feel like my conditioning is improving," Robin said about his conditioning. "Right now, practicing with the guys, I feel good. I am getting a good feeling of where I should be on the floor. All the instincts are coming back to me, I'm feeling a good connection with the guys. It's a different ball game, obviously, playing in the playoffs, but right now in practice I am feeling good."

And the official word of cautious hope from Coach Gentry, "We anticipate him playing. It's nothing official yet, but if he keeps making the progress that he's making, I think that he'll be able to play."

Gentry obviously would prefer to not have a full 7 days before Game 1, but as he likes to say, "It is what it is" and so you make the best of it. The team had a "spirited" and "competitive" practice today to help get their rhythm back.

Channing Frye Sums It Up Good

Fitting that on the day Channing comes over a for a quick chat that he also had the best quote of the day.

Asked about how important it is to get a split in LA, Channing Fyre fired back.

"You know what. You can't go in there with that kind of bull crap attitude. You got to go in there like, 'I'm going to win two'. Everyone counted us out all through the year, so we're going to say, 'screw it' and come out here and let it ride. We have nothing to lose, we're going to come in guns blazing.

No kids, don't play with guns.

You know, what do we have to lose? Why not root for us?...For us, it's just going out there and having fun and balling."


Gentry practice 051410

Frye practice 051410

Link Dump

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