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Phoenix Suns Weekend Links: Phil said what?

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Get some. (Photo by Max Simbron)
Get some. (Photo by Max Simbron)

OMG will this series start already! Any more time and Ron Artest will be proposing to Diana Taurasi while sporting pink hair and a wedding dress.

On the other hand, the longer this drags on, the worse Andrew Bynum's knee gets. Instead of healing over this extended break, he seems to be breaking down even more.

Go ahead, Suns fans. It's perfectly OK to take pleasure in his knee swelling. You didn't cause it. We didn't hire Tanya Harding to whack him with a lead pipe. We just get to sit back and watch him try and defend the pick and roll and battle a highly motivated and slightly insane Robin Lopez in the paint. Can't wait.

Bynum's Bum Knee Is Bad News for Lakers -- NBA FanHouse
"If he can gather some rebounds, change some shots, be big around the basket, give a couple good aggressive, physical fouls, (do the) things that protect us basically on the backline, I think he can be more valuable than what the stat sheet can say," Fisher said.

Catch that? They are hoping he can just hang out and be big. Not run the floor and finish lobs. Not defend out away from the paint. Not try and stay in front of Amare Stoudemire iso'd at the elbow. Not scoring on post-ups. Just show up, Andrew, and try to foul the guys in the other uniform. Robin can't wait.

And oh, by the way, The PHOENIX Mercury beat the LOS ANGELES Sparks today to open the 2010 WNBA season. Amare, JRich and Dudley were on hand, as was Coach Gentry. They were happy to see Beat LA! in effect.

  • Notes: Tucker joining Bucks in Vegas, Jennings hearts MKE, draft roundup - Brew Hoop
    "The Bucks called and we discussed and broke down the situation,’’ said Kevin Bradbury, Tucker’s agent. "We had two or three other teams inquiry about Alando, too, but it came down to what he (Tucker) wanted to do. "He was excited about the possibility of playing before some of the same fans who rooted for him at Wisconsin and the potential to make the roster.’’
  • Nash, Gentry Fire Back at Phil Jackson -- NBA FanHouse
    "I've been in the league 14 years and I don't know if I've been called for a carry yet," Nash said. "It's news to me. I've never heard anyone complain about me carrying the ball, but, you know, it's fun."
  • Western Conference Finals Preview: Lakers Vs. Suns - Sean Deveney - The Baseline - Sporting News
    It’s never hard to figure out which opposing player most concerns Lakers coach Phil Jackson—it’s the one he picks on before a series starts in order to sway calls in his team’s direction.
  • The Associated Press: Suns smirk at Jackson's 'traveling' accusation
    Nash says he doesn't think he's been called for carrying the ball yet, and that "the best coach in the league Gregg Popovich (of San Antonio) didn't have a problem with it last week." Get it? He called Popovich, not Jackson, the best coach in the league. Coach Alvin Gentry laughed it off, saying you've got to admire Jackson for his creativity. In his retort, Gentry said the Suns spent Saturday working on how to "duck elbows on post-ups," an obvious reference to something he thinks the Lakers get away with.
  • Los Angeles Lakers' Andrew Bynum: Right knee injury getting worse - ESPN Los Angeles
    "[The problem is] keeping more swelling [out]. Not like the structure, but it's creating more swelling because I'm playing with an injured limb," he said. "It's just something that I'm just going to continue to treat, continue to try and pump the swelling out, milk it, and take it from there."
  • Phoenix Suns, in series vs. Los Angeles Lakers, must win tempo battle again
    "If we just come down, play their style and let them throw it into the post and just contest shots, it's going to be a long series for us," forward Jared Dudley said. "But if we come in and set our pace, be physical and get out and run, not only do we feel like we have a chance but we feel we'd win. It's going to be crucial, because they definitely don't want to play like that. Gasol and Bynum don't want to get to screens in transition. The one time we executed that, we won by 15 at home."
  • Knee injury getting worse for Lakers' Bynum
    Andrew Bynum says his injured knee gradually is getting worse, although the Los Angeles Lakers' starting center plans to keep playing on his swelling leg in the Western Conference finals. Bynum disclosed his right knee's worsening state after running in practice Saturday with the Lakers, who open the conference finals against Phoenix on Monday night.
  • SUNS: Positive Suns Look to Negate Lakers' Mystique
    “We need to get a quick rhythm and make shots. In this series, we can’t afford to start off without focus and take it from there. The starters need to bring energy first, and the bench needs to add to it. There have been times this postseason where we haven’t shot well in the first quarter but we’ve played solid defense and stayed in the game. It’ll be a showdown.”
  • The Official Phoenix Suns Blog » Blog Archive » Prediction: Suns In Six
    No, I’m not dusting off a line that made me infamous back in the day. I’m telling it like it’s going to be. Yes, I realize that the national media is almost unanimous in picking the Lakers (the only reason I say “almost” is the off chance I may have overlooked one or two pundits who didn’t). And that’s just one of the reasons I think the Suns will win this series.
  • Lakers point to inside game as main key against Phoenix Suns | Lakers Blog | Los Angeles Times
    If the Lakers' history has anything to do with it, their size should prove advantageous against a team that lacks any seven-footer in the starting lineup.
  • The Basketball Jones | Blogs |
    Join The Jones on a sonic journey as we welcome John Krolik from Cavs: The Blog and Seth Pollack from Bright Side of the Sun to discuss the Cavaliers’ epic collapse, Nash’s left eye, table shuffleboard, Ross Geller, LeBron’s future with Cleveland, kangaroos, the Suns’ keys to victory, Skeets’ English, public transit and caaacksaaackahhhs. So give your eyes a rest and embrace this audio explosion.

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