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Game Thread: Suns vs Lakers, Game 1

Coaches Notes:

  • Phil answered a lot of questions about retiring...or not retiring. He basically didn't answer. Whatever
  • He said he was concerned about Kobe's knee but wouldn't say much other than it was an injury that happened some time ago
  • Phil hinted that both Kobe and Andrew could feel the effects later in the series especially if the pace was high
  • Asked if he was concerned about the Lakers intensity, he said it was always a concern
  • Gentry was asked a lot of questions about his time here with the Clippers. Whatever
  • He said he gets why everyone is picking the Lakers but his team feels they can win if they play the way they are supposed to play
  • Asked about the Lakers size, Gentry said, "Size matters". He stressed rebounding and limiting the Lakers points in the paint. He wants to see at around 30 points in the paint and not over 50
  • The Suns defensive plan as I've gathered it is going to be to pack it in the paint and make the Lakers hit shots from long range
  • Gentry tried to lower expectations for Robin's first game back and said that while he has no medical limits on his playing time it would be hard to seem him getting over 25 minutes

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