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Police Report: Amare Stoudemire Witnessed His Mother's Arrest This Weekend

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Just what Amare needs right now...

Phoenix Suns Star Witnesses Mother's Arrest |

TMZ has learned the 6'10" NBA star was named in a police report involving an incident with his mother, Carrie Mae Stoudemire, that took place Saturday afternoon.

According to the report, police in Scottsdale, Arizona pulled Carrie over for allegedly driving erratically -- and eventually placed her in handcuffs for refusing to take a field sobriety test. But soon after the stop, another car -- a Bentley -- arrived to the scene.

Two incredibly tall men emerged from the car -- and a responding officer claims he recognized one of them as Amar'e. According to the report, Carrie began kicking the patrol car and yelling for Amar'e to "get a lawyer."

The TMZ story links to this Scottsdale Police report in which the officer states that Amare and another male arrived while Amare's mother was being arrested.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 05/18/10 4:44 PM MST ]

I wanted to get this posted quickly and let folks start discussing. Meanwhile, I was hoping I would come up with something to say on the subject. Bottom line is that Amare's been caring for and dealing with his mother's issues for quite some time. She's been in and out of jail on a variety of charges, some of which are spelled out here.

I suppose I just feel for Amare. He certainly didn't look "right" out on the court in Game 1. Not playing with the focus or passion we would expect. I suppose we can link this weekend's events to his play, but I think I want to wait and hear from Amare first before making that leap.

There is no question, though, that this is another distraction that Amare and the Suns are going to have to overcome. There will definitely be a lot of questions about tomorrow before Game 2.

One can only hope that his teammates and coach will rally around him and help Amare though this.

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