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Game Thread: Suns vs Lakers, Game 2

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

Game Notes

  • Coach Gentry said that the Suns bigs need to run the floor more to take advantage of their advantage
  • Phil Jackson was asked by the NY Wannabe Media in LA if he would look for ways to rest Bynum for the Finals. Phil was polite enough to say something about one thing at a time but did say that if they got to the finals they would face bigger, stronger centers
  • Suns will wear Orange uni's for this game. Makes sense, right?
  • Suns are confident still and think they can hold down the Laker's OG's they will be fine
  • Gentry has said he doesn't plan on doubling Kobe but I wouldn't be surprised if trapped him more off screens and also doubled Pau in the post a bit. If nothing else it will generate and force more activity and aggression
  • A friend I spoke with talked about how well Ron played in the last game and how many times he passed up bad shots. If he reverts to form and takes the bad shots he's presented with as has been his norm this season it will help the Suns

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