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NBA Playoff Nightcap: May 20th Edition

Does anyone else just feel sad this morning?  That game kind of sucked and to add insult to injury, I fired up the old DVR looking to find a comedic escape from hoops sadness and then I get stuck with Kobe Bryant appearing on Modern Family.  You're haunting me, Kobe.  You're haunting me. 

I've made a couple notes of this in the game threads, but can someone please explain the purpose behind "trolling" to me?  I mean, in the first half we had a bunch of Laker fans showing up and giving the Suns fans shit for no apparent reason.  Not so surprisingly, they disappeared in the third quarter but managed to gleefully come back in the fourth.  Here's my question ... why?  What is your purpose in the thread?  Is it a thing where you are so wildly miserable that you need to give internet crap to a bunch of Suns fans who really don't care what you have to say?  If that's the case, do us all a favor and just pass.  We don't need you.  And just to be clear -- if any Suns fans were going over to other sites (you know in the other rounds when we weren't getting smoked) and giving crap to other fans ... you guys suck just as bad.

Wednesday May 19th Playoff Results:

Los Angeles Lakers 124 Phoenix Suns 112 (Recap)The first half looked an awful lot like the first half of Game 1 and although the Suns fought back to tie the game after three quarters, the Lakers dominated the fourth and won by double digits.  Again.  That third quarter -- where the Suns outscored LAL by 9 -- has been the shining moment of an otherwise relatively depressing series for the Suns.  The game was basically decided in a 2:08 stretch in the fourth quarter.  Following Louis Amundson actually MAKING two free throws here is what happened:

  • Dudley fouls Gasol.  Gasol hits 2 free throws (99-95)
  • Missed three pointer - Frye.
  • Foul on Frye.  Brown hits 2 free throws (101-95)
  • Gasol blocks Barbosa's shot.  Frye misses a jumper.  Suns get offensive rebound, but Nash turns it over.
  • Farmar hits a three (104-95)
  • Nash turnover
  • Bryant jumper (106-95)
  • Grant Hill turnover. 

Game over.  LAL got 4 free points from the line and three turnovers from the Suns in a short period and that effectively ended the competitive portion of the game.  People who are a lot smarter than me probably have a lot more to say about the game than me, so feel free to read anything from Seth and Wil on the subject. 

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 29 points on 100% 11/19 shooting and grabbed 9 rebounds.  Kobe Bryant responded to the double teams offered by the Suns and managed to dish out 13 assists (to go with his 21 points).  Those double teams on Kobe typically resulted in either layups or open threes for Los Angeles (who shot 9/16 from three).  The Suns got very strong performances from Jason Richardson (27 points on 10/17), Grant Hill (23 points ... also on 10/17 shooting), and Jared Dudley (15 points on 5/5 from three), but Amar'e Stoudemire was a complete non-factor (18/9) and Steve Nash had the most quiet 11/15 performance I can remember.  I don't really even feel like talking about Channing Frye, but he was spectacularly awful and basically got benched for his phenomenal 9 minute 0/5, 1 turnover, and 4 foul performance.  Just for comparison's sake (and realizing many dislike the +/- statistic), Pau Gasol had the highest + rating of the game at +18, while Stoudemire had the "best" minus rating at -14.  Makes sense.

Conference Finals Series Standings:

(1) Lakers v. (3) Suns: 2-0 Lakers

(2) Magic v. (4) Celtics: 2-0 Celtics

Thursday May 20th Playoff Game:

Nothing going tomorrow or Friday.  Spend some time with your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend.  If you want to watch sports you can try the D-Backs ... but they are really, really awful.  Also the Flyers are playing the Canadiens.  I think that's hockey.

I'm turning this part into a thing so enjoy:  90's NBA Flavor - Shawn Kemp

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