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BELIEVE - The Phoenix Suns' Amare Stoudemire has given us reason


WARNING: If you're not a LOST fan you may want to skip to after the jump.

42. It seems fitting that on the night when the iconic series LOST ended Amare Stoudemire would post 42 points. 42 is just a number but LOST has turned it (along with 4/8/15/16/23) into a mysterious enigma. LOST was a show that constantly provided more questions than answers much the same way Amare has for Suns fans. Both Amare and LOST have been a source of joy, frustration, glimpses of brilliance and subpar performances (LOST fans can never forget - no matter how bad they might want to - the Nikki and Paolo episode). With both, however, supporters have always been given reasons to feel vindicated for the endless arguments trying to convince others that each was great. Last night, on the night when LOST stepped away leaving (for the most part) fans satisfied, Amare unleashed his inner beast and helped bring the Suns back from the brink.

Going down 3 - 0 would have left little to no hope (just ask any Orlando Magic fan). However, being down 2 - 1 because of a game where our starters showed up and won the game even when our bench collectively took a dump on the court should have Suns fans believing again in our little team that has overachieved this season. There are many reasons why the Suns won last night (zone defense, Robin Lopez and Steve Nash's brilliant 1 turnover game are a few) but there's little denying that Amare Stoudemire carried this team last night. As the Philadelphia 76ers' new coach Doug Collins put it, Amare Stoudemire was the star among stars. Everything Amare did last night was great - and yes, I'm including the halftime question he so eloquently posed to Sir Charles Barkley - and if he can keep this fire lit we could very well be looking to head back to LA with the series tied 2 - 2 and all of the momentum.

That's the power of 1. 1 man (who just so happens to don the number 1). 1 game. I have long been a believer in Amare Stoudemire and last night he gave me reason to continue believing and Suns fans a reason to believe not only in him but in what this team...this team that before the season was predicted to be a quick out in the Playoffs if they made it there at all. As Hurley told Jack in last night's finale, 'I believe in you.' I believe in the Suns and I believe in Amare Stoudemire.

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