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Game Thread: Suns vs Lakers, Game 4

I had a revelation this afternoon. In a seven game series, there is no such thing as a non-important game. Brilliant huh.

So all this talk about this game being important - toss it out the window. Of course, it is important. VERY important. It is a playoff game.

HOWEVER, it is MORE important for the Suns than the Lakers. Except for the Lakers, if they really consider themselves a championship caliber team this season they can send that message loud and clear. On the other hand, if LA comes out and has a bad game...

We've now established that this game is in fact important. Glad we could be of service.

Hopeful sign?

I tweeted the other day a random thought about Kobe continuing to hit ridiculous shots as he did in games 1 and 3.

Here's my hopeful hypothesis for him:

In Game 1 he went off 40 points with a big 3rd quarter. In Game 3 he went 7 for 9 in the first quarter. Both games came after extended rest which Phil Jackson has said benefits him.

Wonder if we will see a drop off now that he's playing big minutes and has to come back with less rest. Can Kobe keep hitting those crazy pull-up J's? What happens to the Lakers if he goes cold? I hope we get to find out tonight.

Here's a couple of interesting articles from Silver Screen and Roll to chew on before Game 4 kicks off...

If you want to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, you better get to the free throw line - Silver Screen and Roll
Orlando sees a difference of 5.5 FTs in home vs. road contests. Phoenix is similar, at about 6.1. Boston, they of the extremely physical defense, have a change in FT advantage of 8.1. The difference in FT advantage/disadvantage for the Lakers? 16.3, more than twice that of anybody still left in these playoffs. It should also be noted, as you can see above, that the Lakers aren't exactly getting the same returns on FTs at home as anybody else is either. Both home and away, the Lakers are seeing the worst FT discrepencies of anybody still dancing.

Lakers-Suns Game Four Preview: How Much Longer Will This Go On? - Silver Screen and Roll
Remember the tension before Game Five against the Thunder, the feeling that the margin for error was getting uncomfortably small? No one wants to go through that again. A win tonight would break crack the Suns' spirit and guarantee a routine choke-out on Thursday night back at Staples. More rest for the lame and infirm, more time to game-plan for Boston, less stress for Laker fans and bloggers alike, and isn't that the important thing? My stress levels haven't received nearly enough attention in this series, and I'm frankly tired of the Lakers being so selfish in this regard. I have needs, too. Just win this one tonight, fellas. Win it for the bloggers. We don't ask for much.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 05/25/10 5:17 PM MST ]

Inspirational message in the locker room:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”… (which according to google is a quote from Buddha)

and then is said 2-2 circled a few times

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