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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: It's The AMAREBENCHZONEREFS

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Jared THE MONGOOSE Dudley. Fear him, Mamba!!
Jared THE MONGOOSE Dudley. Fear him, Mamba!!

It's THE ZONE. No, it's the BENCH. It's AMARE. It's the WEATHER. IT'S SHERIFF JOE!!

Whatever it is, for two games it's working ... but it ain't over yet. The Lakers can play better and so can the Suns. If the Suns are able to win this series, the reason will be fatigue and Kobe eventually having an off night.

If Kobe can play as well in Game 5 as he did in Games 1 through 4, the Lakers will be very hard to beat at home on Thursday. Here's hoping.

Another great video break down from Coach Nick:





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