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Robin Lopez Still Bothered By Weak Leg, Won't Play In Game 1

Backs are a funny thing. They kind of connect it all together. Without getting too Dr. House on you, let's just say that the spine is one giant nerve tube and connected in there somehow are nerves that run down each leg. Those nerves tell the leg what to do. When a disk in the back bulges and pinches one of those nerves, the leg goes weak.

My wife, after getting hit by a car while walking in New York City, had this same issue and for months literally dragged her leg around. She was able to, over a long period of time, get better, mostly through acupuncture (or so she tells me; that was before we met).

That's what Robin is dealing with now, except for the "getting hit by a car" part.

Lopez said he will not play tonight in Game 1, but is still hopeful that he will play at some point during this series.

We caught up with him (literally as he has making his way down the hall to the safety of the training room) after today's shoot around and it was pretty obvious that he wasn't feeling nearly as good as he did on Saturday after his first practice with the team.

With Robin, it's really not hard to tell how he's doing. I hope this guy never decides to make his living playing poker. Robin Lopez is no Poker Face.

"It felt OK. Obviously there's some restrictions here and there. Trying to put some moves together didn't go so well, but I think I'm definitely progressing everyday," Robin said about today's work out.

He is still struggling with the lack of strength in his right leg, "As I mentioned earlier, there's a disk that pinched a nerve in my back and that nerve runs down my right leg."

Robin said he has complete confidence in his teammates' ability to get it done without him.

Robin Lopez practice 050310


Here's Happy Robin from after Saturday's practice via Lets just hope we see more of this...

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