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Suns Implosion Link Dump

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If there's anyone who thinks the events of the past few days is a positive, I've yet to find them.

In other words, not much "Bright Side" around here but at least we have links...

Kerr's Departure Sets Suns And Threatens Vital Team Chemistry - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
But the fact remains that Kerr was a calming and influential force with the team. He bridged the gap between ownership and the coaches and players and he was on exactly the same page with Alvin Gentry. Team trusted him and, as a result, trusted Sarver. Now that important link is gone.

Unless the Suns promote Senior VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin to the job, there will be a huge period of adjustment for anyone coming from the outside and that new GM will be walking right into the middle of the toughest player decision the team has ever faced (Amar'e). The wrong decision here, along with a negative reaction from Nash and Hill, would threaten to destroy the greatest asset the 2009/10 Suns had going -- chemistry.

Stoudemire Gets MRI On Knees While In Miami, Has Nothing To Do With Heat - SB Nation Arizona
According to the Miami Herald, Amar’e Stoudemire — who has been in South Beach training with teammates Jared Dudley and Earl Clark — had MRI tests done on both knees Monday, supposedly to reassure the Phoenix Suns of their stability.

ESPN's J.A. Adande Reporting 'Amare's Done' - SB Nation Arizona
According to ESPN’s J.A. Adande, "Amare’s done. He’s gone." His sources insist that GM Steve Kerr’s resignation was in part because of certain financial limitations placed on him by owner Robert Sarver, and that Kerr’s departure will have a very negative effect on Amare’s future in Phoenix.

and some draft news (because those two 2nd round picks are going to turn things right around)

SUNS: Suns Prepare for 2010 Draft
Phoenix also has held two private workouts at US Airways Center. The first one featured Kyle Gibson from Louisiana Tech, Spain’s Pablo Aguilar, UCONN’s Gavin Edwards, Houston’s Aubrey Coleman, Illinois St.’s Osiris Eldridge and Kentucky’s Perry Stevenson.

In the second workout, the Suns evaluated Western Kentucky’s Jeremy Evans and AJ Slaughter, as well as Northeastern’s Matt Janning, Louisiana Tech’s Magnum Rolle, Alabama’s Mikhail Torrance and Jeremy Wise of the D-League.

From the Republic

Steve Kerr's exit suggests Phoenix Suns' Robert Sarver still has work to do
Steve Kerr is walking out the door, and it feels a little like Robert Sarver is holding it open for him. No, the Suns' managing partner didn't want his general manager to go. You can't help but feel, however, that if Sarver had created a better work environment, Kerr would have jumped at the opportunity to stay. blogs - Bruce Cooper Blog - BruceCooper - This is a mess. Where's Jerry?
Jerry Colangelo where are you when the Phoenix Suns need you most? That's the question many Suns fans are asking today. Under Colangelo's watch Phoenix was a desired playing stop for many of the games top players. The Suns were considered one of the model franchises in the NBA. Colangelo knew how to treat and take care of his players, coaches and employees.

Phoenix Suns begin search for general manager
San Antonio assistant GM Dennis Lindsey, who turned down the Minnesota GM job last year, is known to be a person of interest. There are other up-and-coming front-office executives, such as Los Angeles Lakers assistant GM Ronnie Lester and new Minnesota assistant GM Tony Ronzone, who also could be considered. Ronzone lives in the Valley and worked in scouting and basketball operations with Detroit from 2001 until his hire with Minnesota last month.

Denver Vice President of Player Personnel Rex Chapman, a former Suns director of basketball operations under Sarver, also has kept the Valley as his home. He is best friends with Steve Nash, who said he would not have considered signing with Phoenix in 2004 if it was not for Chapman. Another local-tie possibility is Phoenix native Dave Babcock, the Milwaukee director of player personnel. blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Why Griffin is leaving
It is known that Griffin's decision is tied to Kerr's startling turnabout, one that came this week when a TNT opportunity became more and more attractive in light of the two weeks of talks he had on his contract and other basketball matters with Sarver. Griffin and Kerr shared a vision for the future of the franchise. Without Kerr, Griffin could no longer connect to the direction of the club.

and some more..

Why the Suns need Charles Barkley
Steve Kerr is out, so I have an absolutely perfect idea for his replacement... Charles Barkley! No kidding! Let's face it, who doesn't like Charles Barkley? - Green: I can no longer defend Sarver
I used to be, for lack of a better term, a Robert Sarver apologist. People would call him cheap; I'd point to a payroll that is among the league's highest. People would say he's a jerk, I'd tell them you don't get to be where he is, in business, if you don't have that side to you. People would say he didn't care about winning, I'd argue there is no way that is true; I'd admit that maybe he didn't know how to win, but I always felt he wanted to. Well, those days are over.

Phoenix Suns start search for front office stability with David Griffin out of the running | Valley of the Suns
I felt like transitioning from Kerr to Griffin wouldn’t be much of a transition. Griffin has played a major role in every big decision made since Bryan Colangelo left, and handing the baton to him would have kept things as business as usual as possible. Instead the Suns will now have a lame duck assistant GM joining a lame duck GM at the draft (I think that confirms the fact that the Suns won’t be trading up; at least they can’t screw up the 46th and 60th selections too badly).

And critically they will be starting a GM search during the time they should be finalizing plans on making a full-fledged attempt at bringing Amare Stoudemire back or acquiring his replacement. If a couple bounces had gone the other way (I’m looking at you, Artest), the Suns could be hosting Game 7 of the NBA Finals tonight against the Boston Celtics. Instead the Suns are on the clock figuring out how to put their front office back together before the clock strikes midnight on the start of free agency.

Amar'e Stoudemire Free Agency | Steve Kerr Leaves Suns | SportsGrid
Therefore, the million dollar question for the Suns is: What will be the identity of this team next year? Sadly, it is hard for us to imagine that–without Amare–the Phoenix Suns could resemble the exciting, endearing success-story that they typified this year. And for this reason, this moment, caught on camera at the end of the year, is beginning to make more and more sense.

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