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Phoenix Suns 2009-10 Who is Your MVP, Unsung Hero?


I know you've seen this 1,000 times. Sorry, I can't get enough of it. (Photo by Max Simbron)

You knew this was coming, right? No postseason discourse is complete without a vote for MVP of the squad. But here's an added certain special something so it's not so cliche...

We all know that no one player can win 50 something games on his own. In fact, no 2 or 3 great players can win consistently without a little help from their friends. So sure, it's easy to point to Nash or Amare as the MVP, but without contributions from all around the roster - the role players, second unit guys, the guys who brought it every single night but may not have the gaudy numbers to show for it - none of this season would have happened.

You know who I'm talking about - in your own mind. So let us hear it... hit the poll for your MVP vote, but comment on why you selected one over the others, and to add on, let us all know who your Unsung Sun of the Year is.

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