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More Suns Pre-Draft Workouts

This was the least impressive group the Suns have had in yet. One can only assume the Suns are looking for the proverbial diamond in the rough with the 46th and/or 60th pick.

But at least the Suns keep with the nepotism theme and work out a familiar name.

  • Deon Thompson, 6' 8", PF, North Carolina
  • Latavious Williams, 6' 8", PF, D-League
  • Reggie Delk, 6' 4", SG, Louisville
  • Nic Wise, 5' 10", PG, Arizona
  • Kyle Gibson, 6' 5", SG, Louisiana Tech
  • Michael Roll UCLA, 6' 5", UCLA

Deon Thompson, 6' 8", PF, North Carolina

Another athletic rebounding type of raw power forward. This one seems underwhelming.

Draft Express says:

Mostly a back to the basket post-up guy at this tournament, as he was at North Carolina, Thompson showed many of the same things he did throughout his college career here- looking fairly skilled on one hand with some of the moves he’s able to execute (turnaround jumpers, one dribble pull-ups), but also having a difficult time passing out of double teams and forcing the issue on occasion.

He didn’t show much of a face-up game either, at least not in terms of a jump-shot, something he’ll definitely need in order to successfully convert to the power forward position at the next level.

Thompson rebounded extremely well, particularly on the offensive end where his length comes in very handy, but was mostly a non-factor on the defensive end, as he often looked reluctant to box out his opponents, and lacked a bit of fire and toughness that you might expect from a player scrapping for his professional future.

All in all, this probably wasn’t the type of showing Thompson needed in order to make scouts forget about the underwhelming senior season he had at North Carolina, and may have sealed his fate as an undrafted prospect.

Latavious Williams, 6' 8", PF, D-League

L-Will made a little noise by skipping school to spend a year in the D-league where as a 20 year old, he was only behind Dwayne Jones in rebounding rate. He's a raw, athletic, physical player who has the potential to be a Lou Amundson-type in the NBA, but like Lou, will probably take a few more years to get there.

Draft Express says:

Other than the work Williams does on the offensive glass, running the floor in transition or on simple dives to the rim, he’s largely a limited offensive threat, rarely touching the ball in Tulsa’a half-court offense, and struggling badly to create his own shot when he does. Billed as a potential small forward by some of the high school recruiting services, Williams has spent most of his time at the power forward position, and has even seen some minutes at center. While he shows a nice first step, his ball-handling skills are weak, relegating him to straight-line drives and making it difficult for him to change directions with the ball or execute advanced moves.

He’s also not as good of a finisher as you might expect with his excellent physical tools, not appearing in tune with the nuances of knowing how to use his body to shield off defenders, initiate contact, draw fouls or use crafty moves in traffic.

Reggie Delk, 6' 4", SG, Louisville

Not much out there on Reginald "Reggie" Delk other than he is the nephew of former Sun Tony Delk. Tony once scored 53 points for the Suns and was traded to the Celtics for Joe Johnson.

Reggie as a senior averaged 6.5 ppg in about 21 minutes. He shot 42% from three. Seems like a stretch even with the 60th pick but then again, so was Taylor Griffin.

Nic Wise, 5' 10", PG, Arizona

That Nic got a look from the Suns must have something to do with the strong Wildcat ties. Right? He's undersized, is an average shooter and not a particularly good point guard.

Kyle Gibson, 6' 5", SG, Louisiana Tech

Not much out there about this guy either. He's a shooting guard who shot 32% from three. He's a senior. That's about it.

College stats here

Michael Roll UCLA, 6' 5", UCLA

See above (not much here either)

College stats here

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