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Sarver: Amare Max Worthy, But...

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MAX. But How Much MAX? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
MAX. But How Much MAX? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As you probably heard, Robert Sarver was on KTAR bravely speaking to callers and otherwise defending and or explaining the recent front office developments among other Suns issues. As Sarver and Co. prepare for a formal offer to Amare next week, Bob had this to say about the max contract issue:

"When you look at who your highest paid player on your team is going to be and you look at a long term contract and you're looking at - now I've given Amare a max contract before, he already had a max contract before, he's finishing that up. I think when you look at a second max contract for a player you need to look at ability on the court, you need to look at leadership and you need to look at health and all those things play a factor. And so, I am prepared to give Amare a max contract, it's going to be a question of for how long. I think that's the biggest issue to be honest with you."

So, if you believe his words, Sarver is prepared to go the max money route. Obviously, the issue is how far does he want to go. What do you all think?