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Sarver Interviews Spurs and Nuggets Execs But Rumored to Want to Run His Own Show

News / rumors today that Sarver interviewed Spurs assistant GM Dennis Lindsey and Nuggets VP of Basketball Operations Mark Warkentien. Both of these guys had previously been named as possible candidates so this isn't exactly shocking.

More (potentially) disturbing is the rumor from other league sources via (Woj at Yahoo! Sports) that Sarver is in no hurry to actually hire anyone as he's more interested in being "Jerry Jones" and taking matters into his own hands.

I always caution that these rumors come with an agenda so just because someone speculated something to a reporter doesn't make it true. At the same time there's no denying Sarver's hands-on approach which is something Kerr himself used to ease fears that no one will be running the ship during the crucial free agency period which starts Thursday.

We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Will bigger name, high demand execs be willing to come work for Sarver or will he just go through the motions to give the impression of interest to appease his critics. Or maybe, he will announce a great signing and the Suns will get their man and be even better for it.

As the great band once said, Only Time Will Tell.

Oh, and as for the rumors that the Suns are also interested in former 76ers GM Billy King? I refuse to believe that's possible. Consider my head buried deep in the sand on that guy.

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