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Daily Poll: What's Your Favorite Suns Team Of This Decade

Doing a little research here for something else....

The questions is pretty simple, which of these Suns teams was your favorite this decade:

  • 2000/01 - 51 wins with Penny and J Kidd plus 1st year Shawn Marion and other legends like Cliff Robinson and Corie Blount
  • 2004/05 - Nash's first season and the first real look at D'Antoni's new system. Got to the WCF and lost in large part due to Joe Johnson breaking his face
  • 2005/06 - This was an over achieving team that got back to the WCF despite not having Amare. We can call this the Season of Boris
  • 2006/07 - The Eyes On The Prize season when expectations were ratcheted up and the team won 61 games and lost to the Spurs (suspensions). This was really the last full year of D'Antoni with Nash, Amare and Marion
  • 2009/10 - Redemption. You already know enough about this season to vote

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