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Summer Suns 2nd Quarter Selfishness Dooms Team To Lose

It wasn't a pretty game, even if there were some flashes of brilliance by Scottie Reynolds (eight points, nine assists) and Matt Janning (22 points, five rebounds).

Unfortunately, those aren't two guys the Suns are counting on next season -- at least not yet. Both could be playing their way into training camp invitations with a chance to make a Suns roster that might have room to carry a few extra players. That will be decision left up to the new GM when he's hired.

Earl Clark, after having a better game on Monday, took a step back again today. He finished with 13 points, two rebounds and zero assists.

I asked Coach Majerle how he played in his fourth summer league game, "Not great. Sometimes Earl mistakes trying to have a good game with getting his shots or getting his points.

"He's better when he plays within himself and makes other people better and takes what's given to him instead of trying to force it. That's tough because he's such a talented player. Being here in Summer League, I'm sure he wants to show what he can do, but he's just got to be patient and take what's given to him, make plays for other people and do the other things instead of trying to go one on one and make plays for himself."

He played better in the second half, but in the first half he got too selfish. But he wasn't the only one according to Majerle, "I was disappointed with the effort in the second quarter. I think guys stopped playing hard, especially on the defensive end. We only had 13 points in the second quarter and I think that had a lot to do with guys looking for their own shot instead of just playing within the system and making the right play."

The Suns only scored 14 points in that second quarter and gave up 24. The team played better in the third quarter and second half overall, out-scoring the Cavs 43-42, but the deficit from that selfish second quarter was too much to overcome.

Gani Lawal played well again. Steady, I think, is the word. He continues to show flashes of a decent low post game and continues to run the floor and finish well. His rebounding has improved as the week has gone on, which is a good sign. The only downside is poor Lou Amundson-level free throw shooting - he's 21 of 44 from the line (47.7%).

Neither Gani nor Earl could stop J.J. Hickson, however. He was impressive with 34 points and nine rebounds. He was clearly a class above any player on the floor.

Matt Janning shot the ball well and moved the ball, but that wasn't what Majerle liked most about him, "He's the kind of player coaches really like because you can trust him on the floor. Even if makes three or four shots in a row, if somebody's open, he's going to get them the ball."

Scottie Reynolds' nine assists in 24 minutes were impressive, as well. Most of those assists were wide open dunks he created by using his speed to penetrate and then find open players in traffic and on the move.

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