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Suns Uncertainty: A Guide to 2010-2011 Anxiety

Anyone ready for the next season to start? I'm ready to roll.(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Anyone ready for the next season to start? I'm ready to roll.(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It would probably best to wait and think things through before wondering aloud, but I have little patience and too many questions that have been keeping me up the past two nights, so I thought I'd dump all this on my pals at BSOTS in an exercise of, well, impatience.

No doubt many of us are asking the same questions and none of us have answers, but we certainly have opinions. So, feel free to take a stab at any of these questions. Here I go:

  • The Suns have more time to pick up a player or two but not much money to spend. Most of us feel that Nash is the engine that makes the Suns go, but now we're going to see for real how big of a factor Amare was for the Suns. Can the Suns replicate their WC Finals appearance next season without him?
  • Steve Nash will be 37 years old next season. The nagging back problems have caused him to miss some games, but he is still one of the top PGs in the league. Can Steve Nash help make Hakim Warrick into a 20 ppg guy?
  • I used to witness Amare pick up 4 or 5 rebounds a game and play like he didn't care too much about winning. I'd be ready to criticize the crap out of him and then I'd look at the box score at the end of the game, and he'd have 25 points. Obviously that 20+ppg needs to come from somewhere. Can Hakim Warrick pick that up in the Suns system? Which leads me to the next question:
  • Will other Suns step up now that there's no Amare to feed the rock to? Will Nash be forced to score more in order for the Suns to win? You get where I'm going ... who will pick up the scoring slack, if anyone?
  • Does Amare's exit make Leandro Barbosa more expendable or more important? We're talking offense here obviously, and we all know LB can put up points in a hurry. Of course, now that he's healthy it may be best to get rid of his contract, susceptibility to injury, and overall one dimensional skill set, but the Suns wouldn't exactly be selling high.
  • Where does Earl Clark fit in the mix? I know how Steve Kerr felt about Clark, but Kerr's gone. Will Clark platoon with Warrick at PF? Can he play well enough to platoon at PF? Is he a PF? Now that I think about it, he's probably going to be put on the spot from the get-go. He's not a rookie anymore, and he's going to get a shot to prove himself. Will he press and disappoint? Will he not press and disappoint?
  • How well did the Suns draft? Gani Lawal is supposedly "raw," and many think Dwayne Collins won't make the team. Can either of them earn minutes and contribute in their rookie season in place of STAT?
  • Is Taylor Griffin going to admit he's balding and shave his head?

There are no doubt more questions and no certain answers right now. What did I miss? Feel free to let out your concern and anxiety.

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