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Should The Phoenix Suns Re-Sign Louis Amundson As Their Sixth Big Man?

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Suns are still looking for another big man, and Louis Amundson is still on the market. And he is the best big out there right now.

I'm on record, probably more than a dozen times, saying there's no way Lou comes back to the Suns. The main reason being that the Suns have decided to fill Amare's absence with more than 1 player, squeezing Lou out of the rotation even if he were still under contract.

Yet, Lou loves it in Phoenix and the fans love him. And he has yet to get a good deal anywhere else.

What if Lou remains unhappy with his options? What if he comes to the Suns, willing to take a 2-year deal at not much more than minimum for the privilege to stay in Phoenix?

This seems to be a good choice for the Suns, for depth, but bad for Lou, doesn't it?

I mean, look at the lineup of players on the team:

Nash, Dragic, Richardson, Childress, Hill, Dudley, Turkoglu, Warrick, Lopez and Frye. That's 10 guys.

Barring injury, no one besides those 10 is going play more than every third game for 5-10 minutes. And the Suns have Lawal, D Collins, Reynolds/Dowdell, and Earl Clark waiting in the wings for those minutes.

When would Lou play? Lou deserves 15+ minutes every night, not every third game, and not left on the bench hoping for an injury or flameout by someone in the rotation. He would be in an even worse position than LB was last season. LB was a 7 million dollar insurance policy against the failure of Dragic or Richardson. But at least he got 15 minutes a night even when those guys exploded.

Lou's predicament would be much worse.

Amare played 34 minutes, LB got 18 and Lou got 15 (67 total). Those minutes have to be split amongst Warrick, Turk and Childress before a 3rd-string PF/C takes any. Let's say, conservatively, that Turkoglu and Childress get 50 of those minutes each night (they probably deserve 55-60). Warrick would then get only 17? Don't under-estimate Warrick, folks. He is a better player than Lou, though probably less inspiring to the masses. He is less proficient in the rebounding department, yet a lot more proficient in scoring/dunks/putbacks/jumpers and pick-and-roll action. He deserves 17+ minutes a night.

So a healthy squad has no room for Lou. He would languish on the bench, or would cause someone else to languish more than they should.

Yet, Lou loves it here and would be a great insurance policy against injury or incredible rebounding deficiencies. He is a more-predictable option than Lawal, D Collins, Clark or some other vet big out there right now. Of course, you're then stunting their growth.

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