Thank you one and all

My name is keify34 and I am an expert bumlicker.




Here is what I propose:

The past season and this offseason, we as Suns fans have been treated to uptodate information, pictures, insights, polls, abuse, random chat and every other manner of interwebtacular goodness that is posted on this site.

Obviously, as participants on this site, we can all pat ourselves on the back (I freely admit that since the season has ended my pat will be smaller than most) but the majority of the praise needs to go to the guys and girls who have submitted regular posts, kept us all in check and regailed us of tales of Gregg Popovich's abuse.  So let's hear in the comments below what your favourite aspects are of our chief writers and contributors.

(To see who the writers are, scroll down to the bottom and it should tell you).

Here are my contributions:

Seth: Thank you for being like the father I always wanted and for looking like the semi homeless guys I am forced to interact with on a daily basis.  You keep my Suns love alive in the quietest of times and have me fearing that if I post one picture too many that are of an inappropriate nature, you will give me a verbal tasering to keep me in line.

Scott:  You are the reason God created depression. Depression makes people look more negative than you. And that takes some doing.  But seriously, your witty banter is so-so and your comments are 'meh' and for that, I thank you. And don't think I will EVER forget that you picked the Lakers in the conference finals.


EDIT: Scott - You were created by the devil. You are aids and rabies and herpes all rolled into one.  You are everything that is nasty and vile in the world.  But with the heart of a hooker/heart of gold.  I love you and hate you in equal measure. And I still despise you for your Conference Finals prediction. SCUM.

Wil:  You have beautiful eyes and a delightful nose. Your ears are made from Gods finest clay and your neck is a thing of beauty.  Thank you Wil for being the arrogant/confident straight talking, no-sh*t writer you are.  And if you don't write me soon, I am going to spam your email address with 'sh*' emails.  You think I'm kidding? You know better than that..

Alex: Your name is ordinary like mine but your writing is not. Your columns may be created and posted more frequently than the next installment of Saw, but by God you don't just type sh*t (except for the 'what would you rather give up' column).  Your content is always cause for me to think and as the newest addition to BSoTS, you've slid in seamlessly.  Thank you for writing man.

BasketballGF: Will you marry me? 


Brian32/13: Put your shirt back on.