Nash's legacy

Hi guys! Just wanted to get some feedback. As you all know, Nash will probably retire sometime soon, probably within 2 - 3 years. There are a lot of people who want to trade him for "his" sake, so that he can finally get the championship he deserves. That would also aid us in the rebuilding process. However, Nash made it clear that he would prefer to stay in Phoenix and bring a championship here, but that doesn't seem possible during his career. I want Nash to retire as a Sun, however, I also want him to win his championship. My question is: which will cement his legacy more? To analyze this, I classified certain HOF'ers into 4 groups, which I think Nash can belong in:

The Mentor

*This group falls in the domain of franchise player going out in style. He was loyal to his team 100%, never complained, always came close but never quite made it, until another superstar showed up. He was not the main man, nor the Finals MVP, but you knew that he was the highlight of that championship team.

Example: David Robinson

The Not-Going-Down-Without-A-Fight Player

*People in this group generally stick with their team through thick and thin - but unfortunately never make it to a championship. Nevertheless, they are loved by their city, by their fans, and unfortunately (to which point I completely disagree) will probably never go down as one of the greatest players ever.

Example: John Stockton

The Hit-and-Miss Player

*Towards the end of their careers, these players jump ship and try for one last legitimate chance at a championship. They go all-in - and fail. They may still be loved by their city, but I doubt it'll ever be the same. To make matters worse, they never got that ring which they coveted enough to forgo retiring with their team.

Example: Karl Malone

The Hit-and-Win Player

*This is probably the best chance Nash has of getting a championship. Players in this group toiled away and gave the prime of their careers to the cities they loved, but it was time to move on and get that championship to cement their legacy. They succeeded.

Example: Gary Payton

Now where would Nash want to belong in? Well obviously, "the Mentor" would definitely be the first choice, but what if that's not possible? My decision, if I were Nash, would still be to stick with my team. Why? In terms of legacy, I think staying with a losing team will actually be better than jumping ship for a winning team. In no way, shape, or form do I consider Gary Payton better than Jason Kidd because he had one ring as a role player. Say "Gary Payton" and NBA champion isn't really the first thing which pops to my head. Heck, I don't even consider Shaq close to Timmy's level (both have the same amount of rings, Finals MVPs, Shaq has more all-star game appearances) because he left for the Lakers while Tim was drafted by the Spurs. I also consider John Stockton to be the 2nd greatest point guard of all-time (edge goes to Magic Johnson, not because of his rings BTW). Greater than Isaiah Thomas? But he has TWO rings! Yep.

I know people, especially the Media, put a premium on championships, but for me, it has a lot to do with luck. Jordan could have very well not won ANY ring during his career. What if the Bulls didn't draft Pippen? What if Dennis Rodman got injured? Would that rob him of being the greatest player ever? I would hope not!

Truth be told, I think Stockton is much more loved than Malone in Utah because of Malone leaving, and even though Malone was the one with the MVP, when I remember the Jazz, I remember Stockton, ever loyal to the end.

What's my point? In terms of legacy, Nash is better off with us. We love him to death, and whether he retires as a champion or not, he will always be a Sun, we will always value him, and he will go down as one of the greatest poing guards of all-time, ring or no ring.

Do you guys agree with me?