Work, work and finally vacations.

Over the next days and weeks the news from the Suns will be very few, at least I think so.

That's why I thought of writing a post talking about the vacations. It’s a kind of gambling (more or less as Seth usually does) and we only have to say if we are already on vacations and how we enjoy them.

I'm going to start. As once I said, I live in Spain and now I'm on vacation, just as my wife and daughters, they are 14 and 18 and are students. We usually go to rest in August somewhere in the Spanish coast, sun and beach. Other times we visit any European city, Paris, London, etc.

This year we decided to visit other european countries and these last days we have been in Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria, knowing the cities of Budapest, Prague and Vienna. They are cities with much history and cradle of the Austro Hungarian Empire. They are also very beautiful cities. Honestly I think it was a wise decision.

Now is your turn. Are you on vacation? What are you going to do during this period? Be free to express everything you want.