Prince/Maxiell for JRich/Clark


After reading that T-Mac signed with the Pistons and they're trying to unload their wings, I thought of this trade.  ESPN trade machine has the Suns gaining 7 wins off the deal:

Prince (1 yr, $11+ mil)

Maxiell (2 yr, $5 mil)


JRich (1 yr, $14+ mil)

Clark (1 yr, $1.8 mil)

 Now, I'm not condoning this trade, just wanted to get some feedback.  My pros are:

Suns - Get two, long PF/SF.  Prince can play the PF in a run-n-gun system and Maxiell would be great off the bench.   Prince is off the books next year and would also be great trade bait for a PF during the season with his skills and expiring contract.

Pistons - Get a true SG and can move Rip to the 3 with T-Mac coming off the bench for both.  JRich and Clark expire at the end of the season opening up cap room and rebuilding tools.

and the cons:

Suns - Lose a big scorer and add ANOTHER small forward.  Also, they lower their cap room by trading the expiring contracts for a smaller expriring contract and a player with 2 more years left.

Pistons - Lose their anchor in Prince and energy off the bench in Maxiell.

Let me know your thoughts!  Thanks!