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Sunday Question: What Player Do You Absolutely HATE, But Would LOVE To See On The Phoenix Suns?

Enough stats and trade speculation for a moment.

Let's have a discussion. Leave a comment regarding who you really HATE (or hated until they retired) on another team that you would LOVE to see on the Suns if they could be acquired in their prime.

Tell us why you hate them and why you'd love to see them on this team. Does this person bring a missing ingredient? How would this person make a difference for the Suns in 2010-2011?

Really folks, let's just have FUN. When you comment, promise me this:


  1. You will NOT try to fit this person into our rotation
  2. You will NOT try to create a trade scenario
  3. You do NOT have to explain who would lose minutes to this person
  4. You WILL just talk about someone you hate now, but would LOVE to see on this team
I'll get this started:
I really hate the thought of Sasha Vujacic on the Lakers. Something about him just rubs me wrong. BUT VUJACIC IS THE WRONG ANSWER, for me, because I don't fear him. He doesn't keep me up at night worried he will beat the Suns. And I don't think he would be good on the Suns.

I really have this underlying fear that Rudy Fernandez will haunt the Suns throughout his career. We dodged a bullet against the Blazers because he decided not to show up for the series. But I do think that, if Rudy was playing at his highest level, the Suns might have been in trouble in the last series. And I think that he'd be really good on the Suns, at least on the offensive end of the court. BUT RUDY IS THE WRONG ANSWER, because I don't hate him with a passion.

Bruce Bowen used to make me cringe at the sight of him. He was a dirty player. Nash's legs were black and blue at the end of that 2007 playoff series, all thanks to friggin' Bruce Bowen. I HATED that guy. Yet he always found a way to influence the game, and I kinda think he was the MVP of the 2007 and 2008 playoff series' against the Suns. And finally, I think he would have brought a toughness to this team that was lacking all along. BRUCE BOWEN IS MY ANSWER.

What's yours?

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