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Phoenix Suns Off Season: How Our Favorite Ballers Spent Their Summer

I decided since the BSOTS Nation shared their own Summer experiences, I should check the twitter, facebook, and interwide-webs to see what our Suns were up to this Summer.

After this endeavor in investigative work, I think this blog guy is ready for the big leagues:, National Enquirer, or maybe even Fox News. Either way, I feel like paparazzi or some douchie tabloid journalist.

Here's what our boys were doing:

Jared Dudley

Dudz is the most prolific tweeter on the squad, so his Summer itinerary was easy to follow:

Highlights (in no particular order):

  • Travel included Brazil, Puerto Rico, Miami, Bristol, CT (ESPN), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego
  • Felt Tiger got shafted in the divorce settlement
  • Threw a shout out to the U.S. troops in harms way
  • Backhanded compliment at Skip Bayless
  • Got wisdom teeth removed
  • Gave props to STAT for his NY deal
  • Played in Steve Nash's NYC soccer event
  • Got frisked twice in LA Airport and wasn't pleased
  • Met Matt Leinhart and predicted a big season from him (suppressed laughter)
  • Thanked Steve Kerr and gave R. Sarver a vote of confidence
  • Dissed the Larry King/LeBron interview
  • Went on a diet
The following via Jared Dudley's tweets:
  • But most importantly I have to thank all u PHX SUNS FANS!!! Y'all were the best this year.. Hopefully everybody comes back and we try again.
  • I gotta give a BIG THANKS!!! To all the troops that have or is still currently serving our country..It def does not go unnoticed.. THANK U
  • Man!!! I'm up early this morning..I have to get my wisdom teeth remove!!! They have been killin me all season.. Aren't I to old for this lol
  • Just got done workin out with @russwest44, D. Rose, and D. Wright in LA. LA what's good? This place might be best city in the US no lie lol
  • I never got padded down twice.. ESP before I walk onto the plane lol ... Has that happened to y'all before? I guess I feel safe but weird. After finishin up I went to my gate and waited for my flight.Tell me why right before I boarded the plane I had to go through another search
  • Just stop by one of my favorite stores in LA @FiveFour.. Saw Matt Linart up in there..Cool guy.. I def see him having a big year..
  • Goin on Espn first take at 10 et on ESPN NEWS!!! Bout to Debate The hated Skip Bayless lol.. Gotta check ur boy out.. Wake up West Coast!!!!
  • Out here in Sexy Miami!!! Just lovin life..Goin to workout with @Amareisreal Monday for a whole week..Gotta do a sit down interview with him
  • # I also know that Robert Sarver will do what best for the team to be successful.. He's a great owner and will find another great GM. Just want to thank Steve Kerr for all that he has done for this Suns Org.He def help turned this team around with key signing and trades.
  • @the_real_nash is making feel right at home in NYC.. He got me a driver from the airport.. My man had the sign for me lol.. Thanks Steve
  • Just met John Calipari for the first time.. Talking about being his assit coach for a couple years before my head job after my NBA career
  • Puerto Rico!!!! What's good!! Just got off the airplane, I bet people will think I'm peurtician out here lol Cant wait to get my day started
  • The Salary cap is different.Both celtics and lakers had to make career trades to get Gasol and KG..Trades like that come once in a bloom
  • I know tiger is a billionaire athlete but DAMN!!! She was a nanny.. She wouldn't of ever made 1 million.. And now she's getting 750mil
  • Congrats to Channing Frye and his new 30 million dollar deal..glad to see that.Hes a Great teammate and he def played his butt off last year
  • Who saw Lebron on Larry King? I really didn't like the interview.. I didn't get any info that I don't know already.. I expected more.. U?
  • Why is it that u always feel good after church lol.. Well I'm heads up to North county.. Nothing better then a Sunday BBQ with ur love ones
  • Just got done with some pick up games.. T. Lue, A. Anderson, P. Obryant, T. Prince and I went 5-1 today.The key to out W's is unselfishness
  • Another squad was @dahntay1, M. Walsh, M. Ely, A. Thronton, Q. Douby... We were just to much today..will see what happens tomorrow
  • Just got done with a 50 min cardio... Gettin close to headin back to phx.. Gotta get everything out of these Vegas workouts as possible..
  • Ok so everybody know I'm on a diet lol.. So if I ran down this______. does that mean I'm greedy?!!!!!!!

Steve Nash

Steve is much more private than many of the other Suns. Not too many tweets and a little facebook:

Highlights in no Particular Order:

  • Travel included China, S. Africa, NYC.
  • Reported from World Cup for CBS Sports
  • Asked to learn how to dougie (anyone?)
  • Communicated with Nellie Furtado (SHHHH)
  • Something with Justin Beiber which makes me nervous, maybe someone can tell me what that tweet meant.
The following via tweet and facebook:
  • Moving on.......(June 1)
  • I wanna thank all the Suns fans around the world for your energy & support this year. We appreciaaaate u! We'll work 2 B stronger next year!
  • China, thank you and good bye! With Yao at the press conference. He's doing great things for kids.
  • My Chinese breakfast looks an awful lot like an English breakfast. Check out those eggs baby.
  • Having a debate. If some1 can reconcile 'ambition makes u look pretty ugly' w/ the American dream, I'll retweet the most concise/intelligent
  • Today's the end of an era. My close friend Leandrinho leaves the Suns making me the last player from 04-07. Great memories. Boa sorte irmao!
  • @justinbieber (anyone?-W.C.)
  • If you haven't been to the equator, try NYC this time of year.
  • RT @NellyFurtado: Happy Canada Day!!!!!! (come on. Let's celebrate that)

Hakim Warrick

Follow Hakim on twitter? You should. He says some odd things, really.

Highlights in no Particular Order

  • Went to Carmelo Anthony's wedding
  • Spent time in Chicago and Philadelphia
  • Ate some Pei Wei and enjoyed it
  • Got on twitter (had some difficulty)
  • Watched World Cup (rooted for U.S.A.)
  • Watched Entourage
  • Learned wi-fi available on planes, declared best invention since wheel
  • Nearly got road rage but narrowly avoided it.
  • Picked up an iphone 4
  • Heard from BSOTS very own Trevor Paxton and Eutychus
  • Signed with the Suns!
The following via tweet:
  • Just got my work n now it's time 2 boo luv n this summer rain... If only I had a boo
  • Y'all fronting 2 y'all knw y'all got boos
  • Lmao u guys r crazy (wasn't in response to any other tweet, just kind of random)
  • GM twitter world heard its gonna b another hot day....guess i got 2 get use 2 this type of weather all yr round tho....hint hint..
  • Takin my Lil sis school shopping happy it's aeropostale and not labels hope it stays this way.... Who am I kidding
  • Why my dad just ask the waitress if the lemonade is sweeten.... If it wasn't it wouldn't b lemonade.... #embarrassed
  • Just woke up 2 some horrible news...Thoughts and prayers go out 2 Lorenzen Wright's family....
  • 4 it 2 b a recession I sure do c alot of Louie and gucci bags at the airport.....
  • I think all girls should watch pornos.....(WOAH. W.C.)
  • Pei Wei teriyaki chicken is the truth
  • Cograts 2 my youngbol @rudygay22 just got tht max more arguments every meal on u from here on out...
  • July 1st cant get here soon enough... thats when free agency starts
  • Hakim's famous babababa BBQ
  • Time 2 make the donuts....
  • Just founded out flight gonna have wifi available..... This maybe the best invention since the wheel
  • Bout 2 get road rage
  • Opportunity is going to knock on your door sooner or later, the question is when it does will u b prepared 2 ans it?.... Heading 2 the gym..
  • i need some retail therapy ill holla at yall later....
  • Thx 2 everyone 4 the love... It's really appreciated
  • Like 2 thank all my chi-town tweeps 4 showing me love...and all my phx tweeps who been hitting me up.... positive energy....

Jason Richardson

Rich rivals only Dudley in the tweet game on the Suns. It was fairly easy to track him down:


  • Traveled to China for the Yao Ming thing, S. Africa for World Cup, LA for workouts.
  • Went on a lone road trip somewhere (Michigan?)
  • Went on Safari in S. Africa (see below for links to pix)
  • Got beat by a 4-year old in wii bowling
  • Took his boys "The Richboyz" to get hair cuts
  • Gave a shoutout to Amare on his NY deal
  • Watched "Weeds."
  • Did some DJ'ing in China and elsewhere
  • Launched his new shoe (didn't know he had one)
  • Considered getting a new iphone
  • Thanks to all of the fans for your great support this year. It was a good playoffs run. We gave it our best and almost did it. Good luck to the Lakers in the finals. We will be back.
  • On a solo road trip, jus me n the open road n having a blast. Great start to my off season so far.
  • Its official!! Just book my trip to Johannesburg, South Africa with @pure_addiction June 21 thru June 27. Can't wait, its going to be crazy!
  • Ok joke of the day. An Algeria fan ask me why I have USA gear on n cheering for them. He said aren't u from Africa. Wow lmfao!!!!!!
  • Feeding the giraffe
  • Anybody get the new iPhone? What's ur thoughts about it?
  • @ babershop with the Richboyz (my sons). Bout 2 get the youngest a frohawk hope it turns out good or his mom going to b piss @ me lol.
  • In a world filled with absent father's like 2 wish all the real men that step up n take care of their responsibilities. Happy Father's Day!!
  • Had family game night and my 4yr old just whoop me in Wii bowling, I want a rematch lol!!!
  • Congrats 2 my bro @Amareisreal on the new deal. Shake them critics n haters off n do work in NY.
  • Go play some summer soccer so I can get my flopping game up for this season! lol
  • Up supra early heading 2 MI for a few days 2 see my favorite girl in the world (my daughter) n my family. Been awhile since I've been back.
  • 4 those who r twitter illiterate RT means it's a retweet. I'm Not Retiring @afoyle3131 is n I was congratulating him on a successful career.
  • I need everyone to wish my mentally challenge (clueless lol) cousin @DAntoineB a happy birthday!
  • Been a long day. But is anyone excited about the season premier of Weeds like I am?
  • Can't sleep!!! Got a lot on my mind and it's driving me crazy!!!!!!' Think I'm going to do a late night workout to take my mind off it. After running 5 miles in the mile high city I feel a lot better n tired lol. Working out is my stress reliever what's urs?
  • Heading to club Vics to DJ. I was told it's a hip hop club (right in China smh) well these Gucci tracks bout to b put to the test! lmao
  • Press conference for launch of my shoe in China.
  • Here's video from an appearance I did @ the mall in Shenyang earlier today.
  • Just got done playing with the young spart dawgs @ State. I'm exhausted, but I'm calling it out now they going to be the 2011 NCAA Champs!
  • Bout 2 hop on flight to LA. Got 2 tough workout weeks lined up with the best trainer in the game @IdanWan. Sun Aug 15 13:58:21 2010 via Echofon

Channing Frye

Channing has his own blog, so it's fairly easy to hear about his off season whereabouts and activities.


  • Vacationed in Hawaii and ran a basketball camp
  • Spent time in Portland
  • Saw Airbender and hated it
  • Played kickball for charity
  • Very happy to resign with PHX
  • Yo everybody, I'm coming out tomorrow night to the Dirdy Birdy. It's a very cool event for a great cause and I want to show my support as this is just the beginning of a great partnership between the Channing Frye Foundation and Oregon Active Foundation.
  • I'm coming back home. It feels great to know that I'm coming back to Phx and that I'm staying for a while. It has been the best year of my life and I cannot wait to not only continue growing on and off the court personally, but to get more involved in the community. These past couple weeks have been awesome between my camp in Hawaii and the 1st annual Cfrye tourney. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and where we can go with our team. Speaking of this up n coming year I know the whole Lebron thing has been talked about and put on every station 7864278624768 times but i am curious to see what my readers think, if you had the chance to leave and play with two off your best friends which happen to be 2 outta the top ten players in the league would you have done it the way he did?
  • The Airbender movie= worst everI mean people please i beg you save your money, please please please save those 230hrs of your life. I can never get those precocious brain cells back from watching that absolutely awful movie I can write down how i feel i can only show you imagine this keyboard was the memory of this movie, worst movie of all time you cant name one worse.
  • with the coolest name for my kickball team in my tournament coming up.
  • Hey I just wanted to ask the most creative and funniest people i know... my blog readers. lol people I call upon you to bestow me.

Josh Childress

Josh is a deep thinker and loves his dog.


  • Attended Josh Smith's wedding
  • Traveled with his dog on an airplane
  • Was very happy with Scottie Pippen's election to the Hall of Fame
  • Is getting married

Via tweet:

  • I want to say thank u to all the people in Greece who made my last 2 years memorable. A big thank u to my teammates & the fans of Olympiacos
  • I tried to go to the store but this was on the door. #spellingbeechamp
  • At my boy Josh Smith's wedding. Congrats to him and his beautiful bride.
  • Anyone know what airlines let pets travel during the summer months? I need to take my dog with me this weekend
  • For those asking what kind of dog I have....this is Beast
  • So hype that my favorite player ever got inducted into the hall of fame. The highlights were dope! Much respect to SCOTTIE PIPPEN!!!!!!!!
  • Tweet World I did It.............I pop the Question Im Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant Hill

Grant doesn't tweet much, but keeps in touch with friends.


  • Celebrated his little girl's 3rd birthday
  • Spent time in Orlando
  • Drank a lot of water
  • Played tambourine on his wife's album
  • Headed to NYC for Tamia's show(s)
  • Complained about Florida and AZ Summer weather
  • Played basketball with the President of the United States
  • From the humidity of Orlando to the dry desert of Phoenix. Which place has more miserable weather in the Summer?
  • Back in the desert. It feels HOT
  • What's Oral Roberts ranking?RT @JeremyPadams3: Top 10 business schools list came out and Duke didn't crack the top 10 @realgranthill
  • Whatever.Where's Bamboozled Where's RT @JaredDudley619: Farve is back!! I know all those cowboy fans are mad!! No superbowl for those teams.
  • Hey, I got a mean tambourine RT @Deborah_Cox: @realgranthill lol! And tambourine....
  • My Baby is growing up RT @realtamiaworld: Happy 3rd birthday Lael!!!
  • That's all I drink RT @the6levels: Drink water all day every day. Never drink a calorie if u want to b strict.
  • Why does my 3 year old know the lyrics and melody to every song on Radio Disney? She doesn't get that from me.
  • About to go to NYC. Wifey has a show. Been on the logic. I will send you something soon. The sounds are crazy. What bout u?

Goran Dragic


  • Won the MVP award for the Boris Stanković Tournament (2010)
  • Began working out with a new trainer in LA
  • Gave the OK to Robert Sarver for the moves he made
  • I had a triple-double and we beat China in the Stankovi Cup!
  • Hello fans. I'm working hard in LA and i can't wait to start a new season. To show you some of my new moves.
  • I'm voting for Steve Nash for all his good foundation help. Vote for him!
  • Sad to see LB go. I wish him the best. But I like the moves we are making

Robin Lopez didn't tweet much. i assume he read some comic books. Hedo had gall bladder surgery and wore a pink shirt to his Suns press conference. Earl Clark's tweet was silent (I applied to receive his tweets and assume I was denied) and his old blog site was dead (last entry in 2009). Gani Lawal doesn't tweet much but I'm sure he'll get in the game soon.

If you heard of anything else, feel free to add to the story (I can't be expected to keep tabs on 13 guys all Summer, yes?)

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