Ed.#2: Worst Phoenix Suns Gear Of All Time! Barkley Tie..VOTE!

Thanks to everybody who took a precious moment out of pretending to work/study to vote in my 1st edition of the Worst Phoenix Suns Gear Of All Time.  A little closer then I thought it would be.  In case you missed the purple Suns Hockey Jersey poll here's the url:

Kriss Kross will make you jump, jump!

Item: Charles Barkley Neck Tie by Nike (circa '93). Background: Barkley parlayed his inclusion on the '92 Olympic Dream Team into fame and celebrity like no other player.  It was the peak of his career and Chuck demanded to be traded from a below average Sixers squad that same year.  His bruising style was just what the Suns needed as they went from fun and finesse to first place favorites heading into the playoffs.  Chuck wins the '93 MVP, becoming  a media darling and household name with his post-game quotes along the way.  Nike capitalized big time with shoes, catchy commercials, and a line of "CB34" gear (Not to be confused with the hilarious movie CB4 from 1993 as well, Netflix it punks!)

I've seen about 5 different Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley Neck Ties.  None compare to this.  Purple and Orange radiate off a Richard Dumas -slim Chuck.  A clever omission of any Phoenix Suns name or logo so as not to pay licensing fees.  The icing on the cake, Sir Charles is screaming with rim in hand while shards of glass rain down from presumably dunking so hard.  Whether your going to a wedding, funeral, or job interview, nothing screams class like this CB34 neck tie.