Goran Dragic update

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a little Dragic update (from a local newspaper)....

Yesterday, Slovenia landed in Ljubljana again, after a 30 hour trip from China and it was obvious that Goran Dragic is exhausted and probably over-trained. He was pale, with severe bags under his eyes. Despite all of that, he still took time to answer some questions from the local press.

Goran basically said, that while he felt fine during the first day in China, for the rest of the trip he quickly lost his apetite and before Sunday's finale against Australia he also threw up. He didn't like the food, nor does he think it was nutritious enough for regeneration of the body. He said he had a lot of trouble adapting to team plays, since he didn't know most of them.

Team coach who now regrets that he played Goran so much in China, will now carefully monitor his minutes, so it is expected that in the next few games ( Slovenia is going to Spain today - don't ask me why, i think they should stay in Slovenia and recharge) he will play less. He needs regeneration and familiarity with the team, which he will get in practice.

That's it guys... to sum up:

- China is very far

- food in China sucks

- whoever is in charge of Slovenia's trip planning and nutrition should not be in charge of Slovenia's trip planning and nutrition

- despite all of that, he was still the MVP

- Vujacic still sucks and is still not on the team

Later, Blaz